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Employee Accountability in the Workplace

Learn about employee accountability in the workplace. What is accountability in the workplace? How can increase accountability of your teams and yourself? Also learn how time and attendance systems help to increase employee accountability, through the use of simple software and tools.

Time TheftTime theft in the Workplace

Learn about time theft in the workplace. What is theft of time? What are various types of time theft at work? How can companies prevent time theft? Also learn how time and attendance software helps to prevent most cases of time theft, especially when used with biometric devices.

   What is Time and Attendance Software?

TimeWellScheduled is a fully tailored, secure, online time and attendance software that enhances your workforce management capability. TimeWellScheduled facilitates employee attendance, scheduling and associated payroll tasks through easy-to-use, automated time and attendance software. Features include everything from staffing and employee scheduling, to time clock and payroll management.

Check out our case study to see how TimeWellScheduled has helped companies like Canadian Tire to significantly improve their efficiency and employee accountability.

   Who is Time and Attendance Software For?

Any company (large or small) who is looking for a solution to track employee schedules, timecards and payroll, will benefit from this easy-to-use time and attendance solution. Click on an example below to see how TimeWellScheduled can help provide time and attendance solutions for two very different industries.

Manufacturing - TimeWellScheduled Restaurants - TimeWellScheduled
Manufacturing Restaurants

   Why use TimeWellScheduled?

TimeWellScheduled can help your company save money by making employees more accountable for YOUR time, and by reducing time spent on scheduling and payroll tasks. Some other benefits include:

  • Ease of Use – Designed to be as intuitive as possible with little up-front training.
  • Secure, Anytime, Anywhere Access – Cloud-based software allows for instant use.
  • Affordability and Scalability – Low monthly fees with no up-front costs.
  • Advanced Technology – Integrates with computers, swipe card readers, biometric systems, and more.