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How Do I Override a Shifts Meal/Lunch Break Length?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Go to SCHEDULING and select the department the employee works in (if the schedule is published, you will need to unpublish it).

If you are adding a new schedule, click the + green icon and at the bottom of the page, you will see:

If you are editing a schedule, click the edit button and one of the options you will see:

When I look at a schedule, I see employees from other departments, why?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

To help in the scheduling and avoid employees being double booked, we default show all employees who can work in the departments you’ve selected.

If you do NOT want this, and want to see ONLY those in that department, check off ‘Show only this department’

Select Department - Employees - TimeWellScheduled

How To Transfer TimeCards to Sage Peachtree

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Generating the CSV file

1) Go to Manage My Bussiness and verify that Peachtree is selected, if not select it and save the setup:
Peachtree How To

2) Go to the Reports option and select Export to Peachtree:
Peachtree How To

3) Select the information according to the steps mentioned in the preparation report and once everything is done click on Create Report:
Peachtree How To

4) Finally the CSV file will be generated, save it in your hard disk by clicking on Save Link As, as shown in the screen:
Peachtree How To

Importing in peachtree:

1) In the File option, go to Select Import/Export:
Peachtree Import How To

2) In the select Import/Export screen, click on (1) Time/Expense, then select (2) Time Ticket Register and finally click on (3) Import
Peachtree Import How To

3) Go to the the options tab (1), select the file to be imported (2) and finally press OK (3), the data will be imported.
Peachtree Import How To

How to Setup Biometrics

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Step 1 – Install the biometric device into your USB port. You should see the light inside the device turn on, a soft blue colour (this means that it is on).

Step 2 – You need to install the drivers, one time only. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS and you will see the links to download the software. Pick the right one, 32bit or 64bit version (most users are 32bit – if you’re unsure, contact IT or your nerd!)
How to Setup Biometrics

How to Enroll Employees Using Biometrics

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Step 1 – Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE MY EMPLOYEES and select the employee to edit. Scroll down to General Information and click ‘Set biometric value’
How to Enroll Employees Using Biometrics - Step1

Step 2 – The employee will need to press their finger 4 separate times on the device. THEY MUST ALWAYS USE THE SAME FINGER.
How to Enroll Employees Using Biometrics - Step2

Step 3 – As the employee presses their fingers on the device, the count will decrease from 4 to 1
How to Enroll Employees Using Biometrics - Step3

Step 4 – When this has been done 4 times, the fingerprint value has been recorded successfully.
How to Enroll Employees Using Biometrics - Step4