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How often does TimeWellScheduled check the internet connection while in offline mode and how often does it sync the data?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

When you turn ON offline mode, TimeWellScheduled downloads a small amount of data to store locally, so when the connection is lost, it can continue allowing punching in/out. It will continue to sync every 10 minutes to ensure the latest schedules and employee details are available.

TimeWellScheduled checks every 8 seconds for a connection to our server, checking 3 times to ensure no false alarms. If all 3 attempts fail, it switches to OFFLINE mode and collects data locally. Once it can connect to our server, it pushes the collected punches back to our servers and continues working normally.

Offline Mode Setup

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Make sure you are using the latest Firefox (version 7 or higher) before setting this up. You can get the latest version here.

Step 1 – Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS and click on ‘Allow offline mode when the internet goes down’

Step 2At each computer that will use offline mode, the application needs to download a small amount of information so it can work offline. To do this, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS and click ‘To turn offline mode ON, CLICK HERE’

Step 3You will see this popup, letting you know what what to do. It is CRITICAL you click ALLOW, if you don’t, offline mode will NOT be setup. Click ‘Done’

Step 4You will likely see the following message in your browser, click ALLOW

Step 5Depending on your browser settings, you may see this message, click ALLOW as well.

You are all done and the computer you setup is ready to work offline!

If you are on the main punch in page, when the internet goes down, you will see this image at the top, and all you can do is punch in/out. Once the internet comes back up, this message will disappear.

If you are working within the site, you will see this screen – once the internet comes back up, the message will go away.

Coming soon – Mobile site, enhanced offline mode and grouping by employees

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

We are almost done the mobile site, just some minor tweaks left to enhance the usability. This will allow your employees to log into the site with their smartphone and see their schedule, request absence and send messages.

The enhanced offline mode is in the final testing phase, more details on our overall approach will be posted shortly.

And from one of our clients, the ability to make Employee Groups, just like we have Department Groups. This will allow you to pick the clients you want to see in a single group on the schedule page.