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    Adding Drag and Drop Shifts

    You can add common shift times easily by creating Timebands which will appear at the top of the schedule.  Just Drag and Drop the new button into the schedule to add the new shift.

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-12-18


    1. To create a new Timeband click on the “+” button in the blue header section at the top of your schedule.

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-12-40


    1. Click Add a New Timeband

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-14-01


    1. Add a name for the new Timeband
    • Choose to display the Timeband for All Departments or choose specific Departments
    • Choose the shift time for your new Timeband
    • Click Add

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-14-23


    1. Your new Timeband will appear at the top of the schedule

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-14-46


    1. Simply Drag and Drop your new shift into the desired employees’ day

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-16-22


    The shift will appear.

    Screenshot at Jul 08 09-16-55


    Adding Drag and Drop Shifts with TimeWellScheduled is easy and time saving. Try our 30 Day Free Trial today!

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