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    Activate SMS Messaging

    1. In General Settings, choose Turn On SMS

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    2.  Once this option is configured,  Alerts may be set for each employee.

    In Manage My Business > Genereal > Manage My Employees > Edit employee, choose the SMS option in the Alerts panel.

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    There are three options to receive alerts:

    1. Receive all alerts: The employee receives all alerts
    2. Disable all alerts: The employee receives none of the alerts
    3. I want to receive just these alerts: The employee receives selected alerts

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    3. If the employee chooses I want to receive just these alerts,  options appear.

    Choose the messages you wish this employee to receive.

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    Description of the alerts :

    • Reminder to publish schedules so employees can view them: Sends a mail to the supervisors of each department to inform them that they have not published the schedule for the next week
    • Employee weekly schedule reminder: Sends an email with the schedule detail of the coming week.  Configure dates and time to have an email sent out when you want.
    • Important date reminders, like birthday, etc.:  Sends a reminder of important dates for each employee, to the employee and the employee’s supervisor
    • Entry/exit early/late:  Sends an alert to the supervisor with details of who arrived to work late or who arrived to work early.
    • Meal/break early/late:  Sends supervisors an alert when an employee is late returning from their meal or break
    • Specific times to take meals/breaks: If timeband and template options have been set up, this will send employees a message regarding their scheduled meal time.
    • Absence Request: The absence module is send to all the supervisors
    • Availability requests:  The availability module is send to all the supervisors
    • When an employee edits their personal information in ABOUT ME: Sends an email to the supervisor, if the employee modifies any personal, email or phone info
    • Reminder when a schedule is published that it has overtime/over/under hours: Sends an email to the supervisors letting them know that publishing the schedules there is overtime/under/over

    4. Be sure the employee has a phone number added to their General Information and press Save.

    You now have SMS enabled for this employee.

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