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    TimeWellScheduled gets a new look!!

    by | Jan 22, 2015 | Blog

    TimeWellScheduled is making intuitive changes to make things easier for you and your employees.

    New signups will start seeing these changes February 1st, 2015.

    Existing clients will have the option to preview for a month before flipping over.


    New Login Page.


    New Dashboard.
    – New easy to read widgets.



    New Scheduling Screen.

    – New easy to read widgets.

    – New Scheduling Screen.

    – New Drag and Drop Shift feature.

    – Create pre-made shifts to easily add common shifts.

    – Drag and Drop shifts between employees.

    – Choose Departments and Employees easily from the left column.


    Version 32 :

    • Joining instances for payroll
    • Payroll import added – Payworks
    • Fixes to timecards
    • New report “Employee Management Timesheet”


    Version 33

    • Payroll import added – Ceridian Insync
    • Fixed issue receiving duplicate messages
    • Absence blocking updates
    • Better reporting of meal/breaks at punch in


    Version  34

    • New responsive design for
      • punch in page
      • dashboard
      • scheduling screen
      • sign up
    • Dashboard news, you can now attach files
    • Payroll import added – Nethris
    • Update to report “Schedule/Actual/Paid Hours By Date Range (GM Report)”




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