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    What is TimeWellScheduled?

    by | Mar 3, 2011 | Blog | 0 comments

    TimeWellScheduled is a product from Nerds On Site that uses cloud-based technology to provide an affordable and easy way to manage and track employee hours, time off, breaks, shifts, and much more.

    There is no hardware or software to install. Business owners can simply log into the TimeWellScheduled website via computer or mobile device and access their company’s customized information.

    The days of confusing shift swaps, sticky notes, and requests for time off are a thing of the past. Managers and employees can log into the system to request and make changes at any time, which reduces miscommunication and frustration.

    All communication takes place of a bank-grade secure connection, so privacy and security are guaranteed.

    Managers can monitor employee breaks down to the minute. If an employee is late returning to his or her shift, the system asks them why, and lets their manager know, which forces them to be punctual in the future.

    There are many advantages to switching your business to TimeWellScheduled. You can find more information on our website!

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