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See how a store with 25 employees can save over $1600/month

Dealer Benefits


  • Biometric, employee code, iPad or barcode entry
  • Automatic alerts on late/early entry
  • Easy timecard approvals
  • Export directly to payroll
  • No more missed absence requests
  • Availability planning
  • Configurable security levels for managers, employees
  • Internal messaging so employees never miss a message from you
  • Simple schedule creation
  • Sales/labour budgets
  • SMS alerting

Low monthly price/emp

A cloud based, no installation service. This means a store is NOT required to buy or upgrade hardware to run our application. All that is required is a computer running the latest browser.

Easy Payroll Integration

We support EasyPay, Desjardin, Ceridian, ADP, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks and MYO so importing into your payroll is just a few clicks.

Automatic Updates

A centralized deployment means we can roll out fixes and new features with never having to interrupt your business’ day to day process.

Never Lose Data

TimeWellScheduled tracks data and NEVER deletes it (unless you ask), meaning you can go back to any time and view/report on the information you need NOW.

Easy Implementation

Getting your business online is a quick and simple process, within 2 days we can have your site ready to help you tailor to your rules and schedules.

Your own tailored rules

Other applications require your compliance to their rules – TimeWellScheduled lets you set the rules, coverage / skills, grace periods (per employee or department).

Free Setup & Support

We include all the setup and support in the monthly cost. No hidden or extra costs.


Currently providing Support in English, French and Spanish with the ability for your business to customize any tags within the system to meet your needs.

Watch what others are saying:

Joe Cayen, Associate Dealer
Store #674

Darren Gunn, Associate Dealer
Store #304

Jeff Burley (former Associate Dealer)
Store #289

Read what others are saying:


“TimeWellScheduled is working awesome and we now only have 2 managers scheduling the whole store.”

Mario Jaramillo

Dealer/Owner, Store #164

“Rick and I both really appreciate your unfailing help with all of this!”

Jan Johnson

Dealer Partner, Store #79

“I must say I am impressed with how timely and attentive your responding emails have been”

Diana Ersser

Dealer Partner, Store #77

“Things are going great! I find the system super easy to use, and haven’t had any problems. It’s definitely making our lives easier!”

Lindsay Ullathorne

Associate Dealer, Store #477

General Managers

“Appreciate your prompt responses and quick resolution thus far”

Melissa Honour

General Manager, Store #287

“I’ve been on the TimeWellScheduled program for over 5 months and notice amazing savings in the unproductive punching in early, punching out late or extended breaks. This system allows all managers to control these areas for each staff member.”

Jody O’Donnell

General Manager, Store #013

“TimeWellScheduled saves our store 2 days of work each week on payroll. Before I had a phone number here, a note there, now I keep all my information in one place. Previously managers would approve hours once a week, now they do it daily. TimeWellScheduled is more beneficial for the department managers because they get to see exactly what’s happening in their departments with regard to their staff coming and going… The information it holds is much more valuable than the old system. The ensures timecards are accurate and reduces the followup needed by administration. TimeWellScheduled is a great system… Proactive is the best way I can describe it.”

John Baxter

General Manager, Store #425

“We have not even been up and running for a day , but I must say that so far I am overwhelmingly impressed with this system, and the customer service I have received. Should you need to quote me or have other stores call me to get my impression on this system I will be more than happy to do so. Thanks again for all the hard work, the dozens of emails and the troubleshooting it took to get this thing going, it is really appreciated.”

Mark McDonald

General Manager, Store #063

Floor/Office Managers

“…it has been quite efficient and reduced the piles of paper on my desk quite drastically!”

Chris Lynch

Senior Store Manager, Store #188

“I appreciate the support we get from TimeWellScheduled. I love using this program”

Sky McKeil

Office Manager, Store #453

“I’m really liking this program and learning more each day. I can also say that it has cut my payroll time in half, and the staff are very pleased with the ability to interact with their managers.”


Office Manager, Store #637


The average employee is late 1 hour per week, we can help make time theft a thing of the past!

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