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Geofencing coming soon

Geofencing coming soon

We are in the final tests of our geo-fencing feature. With this new feature you will be able to lock employees to only punch IN/OUT at specific addresses you set up. The setup will be simple, you will enter an address and range (ex. 50m) and if an employee is WITHIN...

New Add/Edit Shift Popup

We are working on the finishing touches to the add/edit shift module. This new module will provide the following new features: See and pick other employees who are available on that day See who is absent or unavailable If scheduled break/meal times are enabled, what...

New Look, same reports

Just a quick note that very shortly we will be updating the look of the reports page. Nothing will change in terms of the wording, or functionality, just a change in the look. Here is an example of what you will see.