Service issue

We have another service issue, google’s servers are down with our SSL server (this is the service that provides the secure connection). We already have a ticket in with google and working with them to resolve. Will keep this updated.  

Service back up

Google is still investigating what happened – they are unsure. It looks to be a physical server issue. On our side, we’ve launched a new instance and we are up and running. If you notice a speed issue, we apologize and this will be fixed once Google has...

Service issue

There appears to be an issue with our Google Cloud server – we are looking at a restart to fix the issues. Should only be down for a few minutes.

Issues with iOS app

We’ve discovered an issue with our certificate and as such, the app may stop working. We are working with Apple to get this sorted out ASAP. In the mean time, if the app stops working for you, please use the web browser on the device and and set the URL to your...

Slow system speeds

Over the last 2 days we have experienced some database server issues which have resulted in slow speeds. We believe they were all addressed last night with a few updates and everything will run normal on the go forward. Very sorry for any inconvenience this has...