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Five Benefits of Having an ATM in Your Retail Store


“While it’s nice for a retailer to draw customers into their store to use the ATM and receive income from it, the real benefit is increased sales. Once inside your store, ATM users often see something they want, or remember something they were intending to pick up. Since they are already inside, they frequently make a purchase.” – Alicia Blanda, BFC Enterprises Inc.


Having an ATM in your retail store offers numerous advantages that can significantly benefit your business. From boosting foot traffic to providing an additional revenue stream, the presence of an on-site ATM can transform your store’s operations. This article outlines how having an ATM in your store can boost foot traffic, enhance the customer experience, and provide additional revenue streams. Understanding these benefits allows you to make a well-informed decision that enhances customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 

Benefit #1: Increase Foot Traffic

Having an ATM on-site attracts new customers to a store, offering the convenient option to withdraw cash, leading shoppers to visit the store over others.

This increase in foot traffic provides immediate cash withdrawal benefits, enhances your store’s visibility, and can expand your customer base.

Also, the presence of an in-store ATM increases the potential for a retail store to be found during an internet search. For instance, a customer searching for ATM access may view the machine’s location and store via Google Maps or other web-based business services.

As more people visit your store to use the ATM, the chances of making additional purchases grow, thus not only drawing in but also retaining a wider array of customers. 

Benefit #2: Enhance the Customer Experience

Having an on-site ATM provides customers with convenient access to cash. This access encourages them to stay longer, shop more, and increase their spending during the visit.

In Addition, most modern ATMs offer several features that enhance the customer experience, including cash withdrawal options, personalized banking options, contactless payment methods, and convenient access for people with disabilities.

Having an ATM

“Having the ATM machine inside your grocery store will make your customers access their cash in a safe environment and statistics say that 60% withdrawn in the ATM is most likely will be spent in that establishment. A high potential for an increase in your sales.” – Ideal ATM.

Benefit #3: Provides an Additional Revenue Stream

When a retail business decides to install an ATM it is important to note that a percentage of the transaction fees go to the host business, providing it with an extra source of revenue. On average, ATM surcharge fees range from $2.50 to $3.00 per transaction.

Consider the following estimate: assuming customers use the ATM for 6 transactions per day, the ATM could earn between $15 and $18 daily or $450 to $540 a month.

Therefore, having an ATM on-site enhances customer convenience and concurrently contributes to a steady stream of income. 

Benefit #4: Reduces Credit Card Processing Fees

Retail outlets that host On-site ATMs increase the likelihood that shoppers will purchase using cash rather than a credit card.

This is key as most credit card companies charge retailers a processing fee of between 1.5%-3.5%.

Retail businesses that encourage customers to use the in-store ATM and pay in cash earn revenue from using the machine and save money by not having to pay credit card processing fees. 

Benefit #5: Increases Sales

The presence of an ATM in a retail outlet is directly linked to increased sales.

Research has found that a significant portion of cash withdrawn from an in-store ATM is used for impulse purchases within the hosting business.

What’s more, some ATMs offer unique marketing opportunities. For example, on-screen advertising, wraps, and coupon dispensing options allow businesses to promote special offers or featured products.

The combination of increased access to cash by shoppers and strategic marketing efforts directly contributes to increased sales and profitability. 

“When you add an ATM machine to your store or business, you draw new customers who might only stop by specifically because of that ATM machine. Put a sign up to advertise that you offer ATM services, and you appeal to a whole new range of customers aside from those who might want and need the services of your actual store… Once users know the ATM exists, they know where they can always quickly and easily access their money. In this way, you bring in more customers regularly.” – Amber Iven, ATM Depot.

Final Comments

Retail stores that provide access to an ATM offer many advantages that can transform your business.

From driving higher foot traffic to improving customer experience and adding an extra revenue stream, the benefits are worth investigating.

Moreover, the reduction in credit card processing fees and the potential for increased sales provide further evidence.

Understanding and leveraging these benefits can significantly enhance your business’s overall performance and profitability.


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