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    Manage With Success




    Manage With Success is an effective HRIS for SMB. Fully integrated with Time Well Scheduled, it allows you to save a lot of time in reporting, help you structure your HR informations and lowers the number of paper form you keep accumulating. There is no data entry duplicata, all informations that are in both software flows to the HR automatically. Manage With Success have 17 HR modules and they are giving their clients new improvements month after month. Here is a list of most HR modules :

    • HR Dashboard
    • Employees Information
    • Absences and Vacation Management
    • Overtime Management
    • Work Accident Management
    • Training Cost Reporting
    • Customizable Performance Evaluation
    • Career Plan
    • Onboarding/Offboarding
    • Global Remuneration (Early 2017)
    • Recruitment Software (ATS)
    • Turnover Reporting
    • Work Relation (Union and Grievance)
    • Client Satisfaction Survey
    • Atmosphere Survey
    • Certification and Renewal
    • Client Complaints
    • Discipline Management


    Using Manage With Success for your business opens a network of tracking and customization in how you can operate your business to its fullest potential. From anytime, anywhere a business operator can capture a thorough snapshot of their business to make better informed decisions.

    Packages deal are also available with Time Well Scheduled Software.




    Employee profile




    Absence annual summaryscreenshot-at-oct-18-10-19-23


    Discipline In-depth analysisscreenshot-at-oct-18-10-19-59


    Vacation Calendar


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