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Geo-Fencing coming soon

We are in the final tests of our geo-fencing feature. With this new feature you will be able to lock employees to only punch IN/OUT at specific addresses you set up.

The setup will be simple, you will enter an address and range (ex. 50m) and if an employee is WITHIN the range, they can punch in. Outside of that, it will prevent them from punching in.

We will update you shortly when we have this launched.

New dashboard coming soon

We are excited to announce our new dashboard will be launched shortly. Take a sneak peek:

Update Vital Signs Report

We’ve updated the vital signs report to include the week number, PTD, MTD and YTD values.Take a look under TIME CARDS & PAYROLL -> Vital Signs Recap

New PUNCH IN alert module for COVID-19

We’ve launched a new alert module to prompt employees about COVID-19 symptoms before they punch in. This New feature will prompt them and if they respond YES, alert their manage and/or block their entry.

To set this up and turn on, read the HOW TO here.

Coming Soon – Employee Covid Alert

We are working on a new feature so you can ask your employees if they have COVID symptoms when punching in.
If the employee responds NO, they punch in as normal.
If the employee responds YES, you can alert their manager and block their punch.
Stay tuned for more details.