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Premium Pay for Easypay/Ceridian/Desjardin

With the changes to business operations we launched a VERY quick change to support PREMIUM PAY. We are working on a long term solution but this quick change can be used now.

What is it?
Some stores are paying premium time for all regular time hours.

How does it work?
When you do your normal export, TimeWellScheduled will include a line entry for premium pay that matches RT hours. Example, if an employee worked 30hrs RT in the last week, TimeWellScheduled will export 30hrs RT AND 30hrs premium pay.

How do I use it?
Since this integrates with payroll, this feature is OFF by default. We didn’t want to interrupt regular payroll processes.

To turn this ON go to Manage My Business » Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labor Rules

After that each export will include premium pay.

Different filters to view the schedule

The default for viewing the schedule is to show ALL employees who can work in the department you’ve selected and ALL their schedules. But that’s not the only way you can see it.

Maybe you only want to see the employees scheduled.  Read more here

COVID-19 What Employers Need to Know Now…

We’re pleased to pass along the following information from one of our Human Resources partners, SHRP Limited, for Employers dealing with the employment, lay-off and other workplace issues associated with the COVID-19 crisis:

Comprehensive De-Briefing on COVID-19 Supports for Workplaces:

EI, Workshare & Sub Plan Update:

Temporary Layoff / Termination Updates:

Visit their homepage for real-time updates or email [email protected] to be included on their direct distribution.  They are currently reviewing Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s order to close all non-essential businesses, and will update asap.

Biometrics Upgrade

Over the weekend we launched an update to the biometric module. This update has a higher resolution which means the quality of our scans will be better.
For existing employees without any issues, there is nothing you need to do.
For employees who are having an issue, please re-scan their fingers. Remember to use the same finger for both to increase the reliability. This re-scan will use the new higher resolution.
If you still have issues, please touch base with us.