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Comments on Timebands

When you create (or edit) a timeband you can now add a comment. This comment will then be automatically added when you apply the timeband.  

Adding Drag and Drop Shifts

You can add common shift times easily by creating Timebands which will appear at the top of the schedule.  Just Drag and Drop the new button into the schedule to add the new shift.   To create a new Timeband click on the “+” button in the blue header section at...

Time and Attendance for Schools/Daycare

TimeWellScheduled also offers features for student attendance. Drop-off and pick up tracking ensure that students are with the parent or guardian they are supposed to be with.

Time and Attendance Equipment

Time and attendance equipment are hardware that is used with a time and attendance system within a company’s workplace. Time and attendance hardware is used to track employee hours and attendance, as well as enhance workplace security. A time attendance machine...

Biometric Time and Attendance System

What is a Biometric Time and Attendance System? Biometrics is the identification of people based upon their physical characteristics; most commonly their fingerprints, hands, eyes, or facial features. While time and attendance systems are used to manage employee...

Time and Attendance

What is Time and Attendance? Time and attendance is an area of workforce management that collects data of when employees start and stop their work days, and the department where their work takes place. This is done through a system that collects the data either...

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