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    New batch of small changes to improve the site


    We’ve just launched a few new improvements to the site:

    1. A new option was added to the time card drop down
      This option will show you JUST the time cards that have no actual punches from employees.
    2. When adding a meal or break manually to a time card, the system will now pick a more logically time, ex. If you’re adding a meal, it will pick it part way through the shift vs a default 8am-8am.
    3. In the time card, when showing absences, previously we showed OTHER – PLEASE PROVIDE EXPLANATION.
      The system will now show the actual explanation.
    4. We fixed the error in the HOUR & SHIFT PREPERATION REPORT that incorrectly said there were time cards to approve. The system was actually reporting absences in the count and reporting incorrectly.

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