New Features – September 2017

By Mike

We’ve recently added some new features to TimeWellScheduled.

1. Exclude paid meals/breaks from overtime calculations.

Set your hours for maximum regular hours and choose the option to exclude paid meals and breaks

2. Schedule page update

  • A) We’ve added the Competency panel as a new option to filter employees.
  • B) When the alerts are  enabled on the schedule you will receive alerts as a pop-up window before publishing. Now you can either Cancel to edit or Continue to accept the changes.
  • C)Schedule specific  breaks and meal times.

3. Daily Vital Signs

We’ve added Select/Deselect options to make it easier to choose all employees when sending out an alert email.

4. Timecard History

Now you can see a record of who has approved or edited a timecard.

5. View my Schedule – Hours totals

Now employees can see their total hours for the week and month.


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