December 2021

New alert when schedule is NOT published

We’ve added a new alert to managers when a schedule is NOT published and prevents the schedule from being emailed to staff.

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New PUBLISH alerts added

We’ve added 2 new alerts when publishing/unpublishing schedules.

New schedule features launched

You can now add manager notes per day by department or your entire company



November 2021

Setup blackout periods

With Christmas coming, you may need to setup blackout absences or availability. It takes just a few simple steps, learn more here.

Update to DAY view on schedule page

Previously you could only use the DAY view for a single department.

We just updated the schedule page to allow you to pick multiple departments at once.

Update – Publishing after copying and more

We’ve updated the COPY SCHEDULE to allow you to quickly publish a schedule after copying it. Just pick the weeks and click PUBLISH

New schedule features launched

We’ve launched a few new features to the schedule page:
  1. You can now add manager notes per day by department or your entire company
  2. People vs Shift view – the original view shows all schedules by employee
But now you can view by SHIFT 

Get an alert when an employee picks no asset

We’ve added a new alert when an employee is prompted to take an asset but doesn’t. You can enable this alert in the asset setup.


October 2021


New Alert Added For Punching

We’ve added the option to receive alerts any time an employee punches. You can enable under MANAGE ALERTS

Make your punch station JUST a punch station

If you want to hide the DASHBOARD button so staff can ONLY punch in and out, follow these steps.

New Over/Under Hours Report

We’ve launched a new report under TIME CARD & PAYROLL to show you which employees have worked over or under a set number of hours a week.

How to use OPEN SHIFTS

Sometimes you need to create a shift but
  • not sure who to assign it to
  • you want to let your employees take it on their own
To do this, use the OPEN SHIFT module. Read more here.