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    Dec 2022

    We’ve Added Shift Tasks

    Shift tasks allow you to assign tasks to an employee’s shift and have the employee mark them completed. You can add as many tasks as you like, for example “Setup main room”.
    You can get alerted when each task is done and if any tasks were NOT completed by the end of their shift.
    To start using shift tasks,
    read more here.

    And the winner is…

    Leave a Google review

    Our December review winner!!
    Congratulations to Alicia at Canadian Tire #127 – Uxbridge for posting a review and receiving her November invoice covered by us.

    Update to schedule screen

    We’ve updated the schedule screen and move some of the buttons under the SETTINGS menu.
    We put them under the VIEW BY section.

    How Can I Tell A Shift Has Task(s)

    When a shift has task(s) assigned, you will see the icon that looks like a list.

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