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    November 2022

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    Show ABSENCES and SHIFTS on the WHO’S WORKING board

    We’ve enabled a new option to allow you to see both ABSENCE and SHIFT on the WHO’S WORKING board. Previously when a shift is tied to an absence, we hide the shift. For those who want to see both, follow these steps.

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    Gulam @ Party City #841, Peterborough

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    Overnight shifts and absence

    If you have an overnight shift and the employee has called in sick, how do you go about recording it?
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    How do I get alerts when an employee has reached a set amount of hours?

    2022 Canadian Tire Convention

    If your team needs to get alerted when an employee has reached say 5000 or 10000 hours you can setup an alert to managers.

    How do I enable or restrict employees from messaging each other

    We’ve created a new employee report that recaps your employee information including name, hire date, years of service, pay rate and more. 

    Party City Improves Staff Communication & Scheduling Efficiency – Case Study

    Frank Frutti is the general manager of the Party City franchise store in Oakville Ontario. He has managed the Oakville location since June 2021. He prides the store on how smoothly it runs, being well organized and generally on how neat and tidy it is.

    After joining the store, Frank implemented TimeWellScheduled’s cloud based scheduling software to replace the old scheduling solution. Since its implementation, he has noticed immediate time savings and improvements in scheduling, administration and employer-employee communication.

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