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Employees punching in and out at their own department stations

by | Apr 8, 2013 | New Features

We just released an update that allows you to bookmark a unique URL, by department so that employees scheduled for that department can only punch in and out at that department station. You can enable this for a specific department or all departments. Only those departments checked off, will be required to punch at the specific stations.

How it works:

  2. Find the department you want to control, and select EDIT.
  3. Click the checkbox to turn this feature on
  4. Use the unique bookmark provided as the link on the station


You have an employee Jim that works outside and when his shift is done, takes 10 minutes to reach the main punch station. By turning on this feature and bookmarking the unique URL, Jim can now punch out at his workstation without having the walk to the main workstation.

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