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Restaurants Time & Attendance Software

Make your restaurant run smoother. Restaurants, bars, cafeterias all choose TimeWellScheduled to optimize employee time & attendance. All the staff stay connected to their schedules 24/7.

Conflicts in your schedule will be a thing of the past with TimeWellScheduled. Get the piece of mind you deserve!

Eliminate Conflicts

Make your schedule run smoother by viewing each employee’s availability and preferences as you build the schedule.

Save time

Quickly see who’s working. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of what’s happening with your schedule right now.

Chaos-Free Shift Changes

You can easily customize the schedule view to make the information you need easy to locate.

Repeat Your Success

When you need to fill an open shift fast, send out a shift alert via email and text message to all qualified and available staff.


New York Fries

“I’m so happy I made the switch to TimeWell Scheduled over 4 years ago. Time is of the essence when managing a small business with an average of 50 – 60 employees. Every minute counts! I can now keep track, to the minute, of every employee who signs in/out for their shift as well as all their breaks. It’s easy for the staff to swipe in/out on the POS system and I can easily upload each employee’s time cards into my payroll software. It saves me money by preventing “Time” theft. It saves me time by not having to manually calculate each employee’s hours per pay. And it eliminates the risk of errors that could occur when manually entering my payroll. This software is affordable, easy to use and can simply be added to the front end of your existing payroll system. Thank you Mark!Joanne Fennell, New York Fries


Save time payroll preventing time theft

New York Fries is a Canadian quick service restaurant that mainly serves french fries, hot dogs and poutine. There are 120 locations in Canada, as well as locations in Bahrain, China, Egypt, Macao, Oman, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey & United Arab Emirates.

time & schedule for restaurants

With Today's Mobile Needs, we have Mobile Solutions

TimeWellScheduled will help you be connected to your employees for things such as notifying them of a shift or allowing an employee to connect with a manager. Also, the TimeWellScheduled App is now available in the Google Play store.

Scheduling and Time-clock Software for today’s needs

Scheduling and Time-clock software for today’s needs. Quickly create, edit and oversee scheduling with ease.


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