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Monthly Savings Example

Hours Financial How We Calculated it
Punch In/Out time 83 $833 10min*5days*25empl=1250min
1250min*4 weeks in a month=5000min
5000min/60 = 83.3hrs
Scheduling time saved (1% of all hours) 40 $400 Hours per month above*1%
Timecard calculations (1 minute/employee/day) 8 $83 1min*5days*25empl=125min
125min*4 weeks in a month=500min
Payroll calculation errors (1%) 40 $400 Hours per month above*1%
Total Savings 172 $1717 We just summed the above numbers
Cost of TimeWellScheduled $75 $3/employee * 25
Net Savings PER MONTH $1642 We took the savings-cost

That’s over $19,700 in savings a year (we just took the monthly savings * 12)!

Punch In/Out
Clients starting with our system find on average employees are late for their shifts on average 10 minutes a day. On a 5 day work week that is 50 minutes of lost productivity. Do you have 25 employees? That’s more than 20 hours a week you can save.
Managing time off requests, availability and shift swapping are all integrated into the scheduling system. With the ability to quickly make schedules with copy/timebands or templates and offloading schedules to managers, you can see a HUGE time savings. Assume a very modest 1% of all hours scheduled.
TimeWellScheduled automatically calculates daily and weekly totals per employee on their timecards. Doing this manually, even a minute per employee per day adds up to a lot of time by the end of the month.
An often missed cost is errors made when manually calculating employees timecards. Have you had an
employee recently complain they were under or over paid? Assume the smallest error rate of 1% on average.


The average employee is late 1 hour per week, we can help make time theft a thing of the past!

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