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Scheduling, Time-clock and Punch-clock

 Schedule from phone or desktop, clock-ins, clock outs and much, much more

We Know all About This

  • Simplify the scheduling process
  • TimeWellScheduled makes building your schedules easier and faster.
  • Spend your valuable time on more important things.

Drag and Drop, Copy, Templates and Shift Swapping

Quickly create and edit your scheduling needs with ease and visual clarity. TimeWellScheduled lets you easily create schedules with time bands, templates and copying past schedules. Share these schedules with your employees and let them offer shifts or trade them with fellow employees. We give your employees a sense of control, helping to alleviate the stress in finding people to cover shifts.

Who is Clocked in Now?

Make your time count!  Let our time-sheet and payroll system do the work for you!  TimeWellScheduled has a real-time dashboard that lets you know the status of an employee during their scheduled shift at all times.  TimeWellScheduled is a cloud-based software that allows you to use any internet ready device, designated by you, as a log-in station.  In addition, we have implemented mobile-based apps for businesses that have employees out in the field, and not in a traditional office-based environment.  So let TimeWellScheduled do the monitoring for you!

Yubikey, Barcode, Swipe Card, Employee Code and Biometrics

  • Yubikey : A small USB stick that acts as a keyboard and can send a time-variant, secure login code for added security measures.
  • Bar-code/Swipe-card Readers : This technology uses an external bar-code reader or swipe card reader to read a bar-code or magnetic card. Creating bar-codes is BUILT IN (and free) to TimeWellScheduled, so you simply need to print them and attach to an employee card.
  • Biometrics: This technology uses an external device to scan a fingerprint and compare to the one on file. Requires a USB port to be accessible, and a small Java program to be installed.
  • Photograph: This technology uses the iPad or iPhone to take a picture when the employee is performing an action and is recorded against the timecard (note, it is NOT analysed to be the right employee). An employee code and password are still required.
  • Employee Code & Password: This is the simplest and easiest method to set-up. The employee code usually relates to their payroll number and a secure password.

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