Secure, Telephony and Asset Tracking

All about security, telephony options and asset tracking features

We Know all About This

TimeWellScheduled will work hard to protect and secure your important data. Be sure to take a look at all the security features TimeWellScheduled has to offer.

SSL Security, Backups, Data Centre and Automatic Timeouts

To ensure your data is protected and safe at all times, we perform an hourly off-site back up that can be restored within minutes, making certain that your data is never lost. TimeWellScheduled uses bank level security for encrypting data over the internet hosted at world class data centres

Is a Phone More Convenient?

For only $5.00 per month, we provide the option of having your own custom phone number.  Employees can use this number to check in and out whenever they are working. If you have employees who are not on location, and still want to track their hours, our telephony option is a great solution.  Whether they are across town or, on the other side of the world, with access to a phone line they will be able to check in! It is a great solution for those places where there is limited internet connectivity.

Asset Tracking

Enable your company to track your employee’s time based on the projects assigned to them with our software. You can also see a breakdown of each shift and which projects your employees worked on. Compile detailed reports on how many hours your employees are spending on their assigned projects. Easily track equipment usage on any projects your company is working on to potentially save time and money in future projects. Using our cloud-based system allows you to access simple tracking onsite easily from any Smartphone or tablet device.

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