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    October 2022 – Competencies on the Schedule and the Who’s Working screen


    Our September review winner

    Congratulations to Lokesh M at Canadian Tire #32 – Forest for posting a review and receiving his October invoice covered by us.

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    Competencies on the Schedule and the Who’s Working screen

    We’ve added the ability to show competencies on the scheduling screen and Who’s Working screens. This will allow you to see your employees’ competencies at a quick glance.

    Desjardins Employee Import

    We’ve added the ability to import your employees from Desjardins into TimeWellScheduled. Click here for more…

    2022 Canadian Tire Convention

    2022 Canadian Tire Convention

    Our TimeWellScheduled team was on site in Toronto for the 2022 Canadian Tire Convention this weekend. We were excited to meet the dealers, partners and senior staff of the 385 stores we have on our solution. And soon we will welcome more stores whom we met over the weekend.

    New Employee Information Report

    We’ve created a new employee report that recaps your employee information including name, hire date, years of service, pay rate and more.  Read more here…

    How Do I Add A Shift In The Past

    If you need to add a shift that has already past (ex. an employee came in but wasn’t scheduled), follow these steps.

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