“Being a 24/7 call centre, scheduling is a MAJOR part of our business – specifically ensuring we have the correct number of staff with the proper skill sets at the right times of day. It USED to be a big time sucker for us… but now, it’s easy and unbelievably more efficient. Within the first couple weeks of using it, I could see that it was going to be a huge advantage for us — a big labour load lifted off of my supervisors’ shoulders. Let’s say we need 15 agents and 5 of them have to be bilingual. When we add our employees [into TimeWellScheduled], we identify which ones are bilingual so it’s really easy to drag and drop the right type of agent into those seats…Previously, we were using a spreadsheet. It was very easy to double-book somebody or make it look like you had enough seats filled but, in actuality, you didn’t.”

Kevin BookerCo-OwnerTactical Marketing SolutionsWindsor, On