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    Time and Attendance Equipment

    Time and attendance equipment are hardware that is used with a time and attendance system within a company’s workplace. Time and attendance hardware is used to track employee hours and attendance, as well as enhance workplace security. A time attendance machine records shift information when an employee clocks-in and out for their shifts. This information is then used to monitor employee attendance and calculate employee wages for payroll. These devices can often be paired with a time and attendance software that allows for easy and accurate logging of this information.

    Types of Time and Attendance Hardware


    Punch Clock Timeclocks, or punchclocks, are a type of time and attendance hardware that are used for time and attendance management within a company. These types of employee time clocks are used by employees who are clocking in and out for their shift. This is a great option for factories or businesses that run on shift work. Some of the most common types of punchclocks are:

    • Swipe Card: Used with a magnetic card reader, this is one of the most popular types of time attendance clocks. Employees simply swipe in and out for their shifts each day.
    • Yubikey: A USB stick that sends time-variant login codes for added security when logging in for a shift.
    • Barcode:Used with a barcode reader, employees scan their barcodes to clock in and out for a shift.

    Biometric Devices:

    Biometric devices are a type of timeclock that use an individual’s unique physical features, such as a fingerprint or palm print, to confirm user authentication. These devices are typically used for additional security measures within a workplace. This is an ideal option for businesses such as large banks or high corporate offices. The most common types of biometric devices are:

    • Fingerprint Scanners:Scans the user’s fingerprint and compares it to a previously scanned image to confirm the identity of the employee.
    • Retinal Scanners:Records an image of the user’s retinal pattern and compares it to a previously scanned image to confirm the employee’s identity.
    • Voice Recognition Device:A device that records an employee’s voice pattern through the use of specific words or sentences.
    • Hand Punch Scanner:Scans a three-dimensional image of an employee’s hand to confirm their identity.


    Through the use of mobile applications, SMS notifications and cloud based software, employees clock in for their shifts while on the go. This is a convenient form of time and attendance equipment that is ideal for businesses that revolve around home repairs, deliveries and construction sites. Some examples of mobile devices that can be used for this form of time and attendance are:

    • Laptops, Smartphones (ex. iPhones), Tablets (ex. iPads)


    Computers are another piece of time and attendance equipment that helps with workforce management. Employees can log into a computer using an employee code or username and password combination. As well, time and attendance software can be installed into any office computer to help accurately record employee attendance and shift information for payroll. This form of time and attendance hardware can be used in any workplace that facilitates the use of computers.

    Benefits of Using Time and Attendance Equipment

    Time and attendance hardware make tracking employee hours and attendance easier and more accurate. With the technology that is available today, time tracking is automatic and is no longer a lengthy manual process for HR personnel. This means that your employees will have more time to spend on other important tasks. Not only does time and attendance equipment help make the time keeping process that much easier, but they help lower the risk for time fraud which was much higher with the use of old, manual time cards. One of the biggest benefits of time and attendance equipment is the amount of options available for companies to choose from. Whatever kind of business you are managing, you can be assured t

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