Who’s Clocked in Now?

Imagine a real-time dashboard that allows you to know where your employees are within the business at that time whether they are actively working or on break.

Time Clock Locations

Our software is cloud based, which allows you to use any computer, tablet, or internet ready device you designate as a log-in station.

Mobile Time Clocking

We have implemented mobile based apps for those businesses that have employees working out in the field rather then a local office based environment

Customizable Settings

Our Software allows you to determine exactly how precise your business reporting is, and what competencies and conflicts need to be monitored regularly behind the scenes.


Who is making sure your employees are clocking in on time and not taking an extra 5 minutes per break? Our system does this automatically and alerts you EACH time they are late (or early).

Grace Periods

Each action can be independently controlled, so you can allow more leniency for breaks or exit. As well, each department can have it’s own rules.

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