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    How To Transfer TimeCards to PAYweb

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    From TimeWellScheduled

    1. Approve timecards
    2. Select reports
    3. Select either:
      1. Hours preparation report
      2. Hour and shift preparation report
      3. Hour, shift and pay preparation report
      4. Enter the required date range for the pay period
      5. Check all departments, hourly, active and verify if all the employees that fit this category are properly selected
      6. Compare to PAYweb report and verify if accurate, then print
      7. View and print report
      8. Export to: select PAYweb
      9. Right click the selected named report
      10. Save link as
      11. Name report something meaningful such as pp11_2011.txt to your desktop
      12. Follow directions from Payweb to upload to their FTP server

    From PAYweb

    Through SFTP

      1. Notify PAYweb.ca support that you want to upload your Timecard file through SFTP, and wait for login access.
      2. Download and install a FTP Client (eg. Filezilla), and configure a ftp connection to sftp.payweb.ca.
      3. After ensuring your files name is TIMECARD.TXT, and it is in a fixed length ASCII format, upload your Timecard file to the PAYweb SFTP server.

    From PAYweb.ca

    1. From the Process Payroll menu, click Receive Time.
    2. You will receive a file confirmation message. Click Enter to continue.
    3. You will receive a post confirmation message. Click Enter to continue.
    4. If you have any errors, you will be notified. Otherwise, click Enter to continue to the Display Reports screen.
    5. The reports will be listed on this page, where you can print the reports to verify the total hours uploaded from the time collection system.

    IMPORTANT: To make any corrections, you have two choices:

    1. Make the correction using option 1. Enter Payroll
    2. Go back to TimeWellScheduled, and correct the file there and resubmit. (You will need to contact [email protected] to reset the timecard file, if you select this option.)
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