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Designed to Make Managing Your Team Easier!

Managing teams is made so much easier with TimeWellScheduled. It is designed for restaurants of all sizes and types. Our employee scheduling solution simplifies the process of building and managing employee schedules, enabling you to meet your labour targets better. Empower your team with shift swapping, availability management, and time-off requests to enhance their productivity.

Easy Employee Scheduling For The Fast-Paced Workplace!

Schedule your employees faster and smarter with our easy-to-use software. We make it simple to schedule multiple positions, create custom shift templates — even forecast and track labour budgets!

Quick-serve restaurants are all about accuracy and speed. Let TimeWellScheduled help you achieve these goals by eliminating time spent on Scheduling tasks.

Case Study

Before TimeWellScheduled was in place, the Tim Hortons Store located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, had to deal with numerous issues with their previous payroll and scheduling systems. You can take a peek at how they smoothly transitioned towards a hassle-free payroll and scheduling process right here.

Retail Employee Scheduling Software by TimeWellScheduled

Create The Perfect Schedule in a Few Short Minutes!

Our employee scheduling software makes the complex process of planning work schedules simple. We have created a system that allows you to set up custom rules and make it easy for both you and your employees to get their shifts on time

Add shift detail, create follow-ups and take notes when needed.  TimeWellScheduled can be customized to your establishment’s unique needs.  You can add categories to track what’s important for you and your team.

Helping Your Restaurant Simplify Efficiency And Team Performance

Let TimeWellScheduled help save your restaurant save valuable time allowing you to focus on the other important parts of your business. Excel and google sheets will be a thing of the past. Get everything you’ll need for scheduling, payroll and communications all in one place! 


Easily create schedules using simple-to-use templates. Gain complete control of your schedules. Empower your team to help with changes and updates by customizing your permissions.


Time Tracking

Spend less time on payroll and time management. With TimeWellScheduled your timesheets are all in one place allowing you to export them easily. 

Saving on Labour Costs

Steer clear of costly timesheet errors even before they happen.  Make instant schedule changes to help on your busiest and slowest days. 

New York Fries – Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Step into the world of New York Fries (NYF), where fry perfection meets irresistible deliciousness. Since 1984, when the first Canadian location opened at Scarborough Town Centre, the company’s passion for fresh-cut, skins-on fries has been unwavering. What began with fries and cola soon evolved, introducing the iconic poutine in 1989, transforming the NYF brand into a hub for fries, hot dogs, and more.

Make Your Time Count!

TimeWellScheduled has a real-time dashboard that lets you know the status of an employee during their scheduled shift at all times.TimeWellScheduled is cloud-based software that allows you to use any internet-ready device, designated by you, as a log-in station. In addition, we have implemented mobile-based apps for businesses that have employees out in the field and not in a traditional office-based environment. Let TimeWellScheduled do the monitoring for you and make your time count! 

  • Save hours and hours of time per week on schedule building!
  • Make your workplace more efficient and save money!
  • Empower your team to manage their time and have more accountability!

Keep Everyone On The Same Page With Up-to-date Information!

Schedules that everyone can access any time, from anywhere, help keep your staff up to date and in the know about schedules.  This is invaluable for any retail environment.  It eliminates the time spent contacting everyone individually to give them shift updates and changes.

How many years have you been in business?

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Shift Scheduling

Effortlessly manage availability and time off requests. Track, modify and process with ease.


Easily find employees to schedule based on their competency skillset. This will help you to schedule employees that share common or complementary skillsets, making it easy to ensure you have the coverage you need for every shift.


TimeWellScheduled allows you the option to put both private and public notes on an employee schedule. This allows you to send reminders and updates so that everyone is prepared with the information they need when checking their schedule.

Audit Trail

Easily avoid potential errors and complications with the audit trail log. This allows you to see each and every change that is made to a schedule.


Helps your employees know when they are working with daily and weekly shift alerts. Cutting down on the potential for missed shifts and late arrivals.

How many years have you been in business?

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Shift Swap

Employees can request or accept a shift swap right from their mobile devices. Just another way TimeWellScheduled will help to free up valuable time for everyone!

Shift Coverage Confidence

You can rest assured that your shifts will be covered and you will be in the know of any changes that occur along the way.

Quick Shift Adjustment

Life happens and when it does, make quick shift adjustments with ease to help you manage the unexpected.

Easy Setup

Setting up TimeWellScheduled is fast and easy. Our support team is available any time to help guide and ensure smooth setup, understanding and use. Getting you back to your important tasks is our top priority!


Confidently set a budget and compare your costs to prior years. TimeWellScheduled allows you to create your schedules and view the total hours and costs with ease.  


What Our Valuable Clients Are Saying:

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Accounting Office
Accounting Office
14:57 10 Nov 22
We have had this system for 2 years now and are somewhat satisfied. Most issues we have... had we have navigated ourselves as we found support was limited. Basic functions and reports we found work well, but more detailed reports we had with our past system we can no longer populate.leer más
Lynne Legault
Lynne Legault
13:14 12 Oct 22
I have been using TimeWellScheduled for over 15years and love it. Everything HR and the... managers need is in one place accessible from anywhere. Hours, phone numbers, employee availability...Being able to print out reports detailing frequent absences, late arrivals, overtime - allows us to be able to better control our wage costs. Also important, customer service is fast and helpful. I would highly recommend TimeWellScheduled.leer más
16:28 11 Oct 22
We've implemented TWS in every store we go to - it's simply the best solution for our... business. It has the features you need at a very fair cost for an HR platform. I appreciate that they perpetually take feedback and create new features.leer más
Lokesh Mahajan
Lokesh Mahajan
16:44 16 Sep 22
Seamless launch and start of the system. Great support available in a timely manner.... Program helps managing store operations in real time. Would definitely recommend.leer más
Colleen Lawless
Colleen Lawless
17:52 08 Sep 22
Time Well Scheduled is the best thing we did for our scheduling. So easy to use and has... saved me so much time. Love it and would highly recommend it for any business.leer más
Julie R
Julie R
17:10 08 Sep 22
Timewell is a great way to manage your schedules and time sheet! I've been using Timewell... since 2011 and wont do without 🙂leer más
Shelley Poitras
Shelley Poitras
15:47 31 Aug 22
We have been using it for months now - and scheduling is so much easier - staff love they... can request time off and ask for shifts...I love the message board that shows when the staff member read the message. Love the access by phone so I can see from a glance on my day off who is at the store. Looking forward to year from now being able to see the hours we used in previous year.There are so many features we love about it.leer más
Sharon Lounton
Sharon Lounton
15:32 28 Jul 22
I have to say it's awesome. I had an issue with part of the program and the turn around... time for Time Well support team to fix was great.The program is a great time saver for our store.Canadian Tire #476leer más
Gulam Hussainbhoy
Gulam Hussainbhoy
14:23 16 Aug 21
As a new business owner, you are always looking for that initial support from any new... vendor and Mark was able to provide that from Day 1. Mark's response time to any questions was amazing. He was extremely supportive from inception to now. Thank you Mark.Gulam - Party City, Peterborough, ONleer más
Patricia Astill
Patricia Astill
20:09 11 Feb 20
Mark and his team are amazing to work with. Their response time is exceptional! They... listen to our feedback and provide any changes we might need in order to help our business be more profitable. Highly recommend this system to any large or small business!! Thank you!!leer más
Dustin Cap-It
Dustin Cap-It
16:30 09 Dec 19
I used TimeWellScheduled for years as the GM of a big box store and it was an essential... tool to help manage that many schedules and staff. I'm now using TimeWellScheduled to manage my small business with 3 staff and it's just as helpful and essential now as it was with 80 staff.leer más
Mark Helmrich
Mark Helmrich
02:27 23 Nov 19
We've been using TimeWellScheduled for many years, and it has saved us a fantastic amount... of time in respect to scheduling, time-cards and payroll. Issues are virtually nonexistent with excellent customer support should anything arise. The product is very well designed and easy to use/manage. I couldn't imagine life without it now as it's become part of daily routine for all staff. So easy 🙂leer más
02:25 02 Nov 19
We have been using TimeWellScheduled for almost five years. We love this scheduling... program but more importantly we love the service we receive from the support team at TimeWellScheduled. This team is very knowledgeable and ever ready to help. We would highly recommend this program to any business.Bobbie SearsStore 086leer más
Brandy MacDonald
Brandy MacDonald
17:20 20 Sep 19
We have had time well scheduled for approximately 2 years now. We have experienced... nothing but great customer service from the team. There response time is inedible and they are super friendly. Not only is it a great scheduling program but also gives the entire organization a fantastic communication tool. They are constantly updating and reviewing which we appreciate very much. keep up the great work !Store 159leer más
Mary O’Connor
Mary O’Connor
14:50 30 Jul 19
We recently switched over to Time Well Scheduled and are thrilled with our decision to do... so! The program has great features that allow for easy communication between our whole team. It is compatible with many payroll programs and was a very easy transition. The Customer Service provided by the Time Well Scheduled team has been incredible- extremely helpful and very quick response times.leer más
Joanne Fennell
Joanne Fennell
00:20 27 Feb 19
I love Timewell! I've been using it for several years now and I can't imagine doing... payroll without it. It's easy, efficient, compatible with many payroll programs. They're customer service provides a quick response time. And the best part - is the labour cost savings. Thank you Mark.leer más
Melanie Wardell
Melanie Wardell
13:20 22 Feb 19
We absolutely love Time Well Scheduled! It has cut our payroll process time down by more... then half the time it use to take! The customer support is Tremendously Amazing! I recommend Time Well Scheduled to everyone I talk to who is not currently using the program and I hope they convert!leer más
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time card?

A time card is a document or electronic record used to track the hours worked by an employee. It typically includes information such as the employee’s name, the dates worked, and the number of hours worked each

Why is time and attendance important for restaurants?

Time and attendance management is particularly important for restaurants due to several industry-specific factors:

  1. Variable Shifts and Scheduling: Restaurants often have fluctuating staffing needs based on meal times, weekends, holidays, and special events. Effective time and attendance systems help manage these variable shifts, ensuring adequate staffing during busy periods and reducing labor costs during slower times.
  1. Compliance with Labor Laws: Restaurants must adhere to labor laws related to minimum wage, overtime, breaks, and working hours for different age groups, especially for minors. Accurate time tracking helps ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues and penalties.
  1. Managing Overtime: Given the dynamic nature of restaurant operations, employees may frequently work overtime. Time and attendance systems help track these hours accurately, ensuring proper compensation and managing labor costs.
  1. Preventing Time Theft and Buddy Punching: In the restaurant industry, where teamwork is essential, there’s a risk of time theft or buddy punching. Advanced time and attendance systems, especially those with biometric features, can significantly reduce these issues.
  1. Payroll Accuracy and Efficiency: Accurate tracking of hours worked is crucial for correct payroll processing. This not only ensures employees are paid correctly but also streamlines payroll administration.
    What is time in and time out attendance?

    «Time in» and «Time out» in the context of attendance refer to the process by which an employee’s arrival and departure times from work are recorded. This system is a fundamental component of time and attendance tracking in workplaces, and it serves several important functions:

    Time In: This is the recorded time when an employee starts their workday. Employees may clock in using various methods such as traditional time clocks, digital systems like computers or smartphones, or even biometric systems like fingerprint scanners.

    Time Out: Conversely, this is the recorded time when an employee ends their workday. The method for clocking out is usually the same as the method for clocking in.

    These records are used for several purposes:

    • Payroll Calculation: The primary use of time in and time out records is for calculating payroll. The total hours worked, including any overtime, are computed based on these records.
    • Attendance Tracking: These records help in monitoring employee attendance, tracking issues like tardiness, early departures, and absenteeism.
    • Compliance with Labor Laws: Accurate timekeeping ensures compliance with labor regulations regarding working hours, overtime, breaks, and minimum wage.
    • Workforce Management: Time in and time out data can be analyzed to optimize staffing, identify peak work hours, and manage employee schedules more efficiently.

    In modern workplaces, time and attendance systems have evolved from manual punch cards and time clocks to sophisticated digital solutions, including web-based platforms and mobile apps, offering greater accuracy, convenience, and insight into workforce management.

    How can restaurants benefit from scheduling?

    Restaurants can significantly benefit from effective scheduling practices in several key areas:

    1. Optimized Staffing: Proper scheduling ensures that the restaurant is adequately staffed during peak hours while avoiding overstaffing during slower periods. This balance is crucial for maintaining service quality without incurring unnecessary labor costs.
    1. Improved Employee Satisfaction: Consistent and fair scheduling can greatly enhance employee satisfaction. When staff members have a clear understanding of their work schedules well in advance, it allows them to plan their personal lives better, leading to increased morale and reduced turnover.
    1. Enhanced Customer Service: Adequate staffing directly impacts the quality of customer service. By ensuring that enough employees are available during busy times, restaurants can maintain a high level of service, which is essential for customer satisfaction and retention.
    1. Reduction in Labor Costs: By aligning staff schedules with customer demand, restaurants can minimize idle labor time, reducing overall labor costs. This is particularly important in the restaurant industry, where profit margins can be slim.
    1. Increased Efficiency: Effective scheduling can lead to smoother restaurant operations. When staff members know their roles and schedules in advance, it minimizes confusion and delays, leading to a more efficient service.

      Scheduling and Time-clock Software for Today’s Needs

      Quickly create, edit and oversee scheduling with ease.