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Temps et présence pour les écoles / Garderie


TimeWellScheduled offre également des fonctionnalités pour les étudiants et les présences en garderies.


Determine who is picking up or dropping off your child with a finger print scan or captured photo for school records.


TimeWellScheduled can track students coming and going throughout the school day.

Tracking is crucial in the event of an emergency. Officials can refer to a daily list of students from a mobile device from outside the school in the event of fire or evacuation.

Parents can login from home to review schedule, authorize secondary guardians, or schedule student absences and vacations.


Biometric devices are a type of timeclock that use an individual’s unique physical features, such as a fingerprint or palm print, to confirm user authentication. These devices are typically used for additional security measures within institutions, schools or daycare facilities.

Use  a mobile device like an iPad to allow parents  or students to sign in and out. The iPad is also capable of snapping a photo of the parent or guardian


No additional costs – You purchase the hardware and it’s still the same low monthly fee per student. Pricing can be found here.

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