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    August 2021


    Your Canadian Solution for Time and Attendance

    More than 30,000 employees across Canada use our solution

    Why TimeWellScheduled?

    We can help you save money by making employees more accountable for YOUR time, and by reducing time spent on scheduling, time cards and payroll tasks.


    Recent awards:

    Punch Clock
    • From simple code and password to facial recognition
    • Pick the right punch process for each employee
    • Use your existing hardware to reduce costs
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    • Drag and Drop, Copy, Templates and Shift Swapping
    • Total hours and cost, set a budget and compare to last year
    • Shift Swapping for employees made easy
    • Make quick schedule changes due to the unexpected
    • Makes building your schedules easier and faster.
    • Spend your valuable time on more important things
    • Dashboard to see which employees are currently working
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    Time Cards

    • Review only the time cards with exceptions
    • Details to explain what caused the exception
    • Delegate approvals to managers
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    Simple 1-click export to your payroll tool.

    We support all the major payroll systems including:

    • Easypay    • Ceridian   • Desjardin   • Payweb    • Payworks    …and more
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    TimeWellScheduled is a team management solution for retail businesses. We provide a full suite of team and time tools designed to save you time and improve productivity. 

    Aug 2023

    Aug 2023

    New alerts for missed meal or breaks

    We’ve added new 2 alerts to managers when an employee has missed a scheduled meal or break during a shift.

    July 2023

    Have questions? We have answers. Candidate Sourcing: How to Find and Attract the Right Talent “Sourcing and...

    June 2023

    Have questions? We have answers. Allow employees to view pending/approved absences/availability on the schedule page...