Managing Employees

Has Never Been Easier.

Save thousands a year by using the devices you already have for time and attendance tracking! The last tool you’ll ever need takes care of everything from scheduling to shift trading and even exporting hours to your accounting software.

On average, employees are late 10 minutes a day. If you have only 20 employees that’s over 8 hours a week of lost productivity.

Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Feature

Conforming with the implementation of ACA, business owners are pressed to be acutely aware of, and careful about, the scheduling of their team members. TimeWellScheduled accommodates these new pressures. Click here to Learn More!

Save Time

Save Money

Managers have better things to do than keep track of post-it notes with absence requests and filling out paperwork for attendance each day. TimeWellScheduled automates those daily tasks to free up employees to be active in other important areas.

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Priced for your organization

Whether you have 3 employees or 300 TimeWellScheduled is the perfect tool for organizations in any industry to track time and attendance! From currently active employees to tracking individual employees hours and setting alerts in all kinds of situations stop worrying about schedules and try TimeWellScheduled

Always Up To Date

Our full time team can help you with every step of the process from sign up to exporting out your user reports! Important security updates and deeper customization options are  being released all the time and our focus is getting you the features that your organization needs to live up to its potential. Did we mention that all of your data is based in the cloud so updates get pushed straight to you without having to install a thing! You’re always up to date no matter what the weather.

Easy Exports

We offer exporting straight to a variety of popular payroll tools. But just because you don’t see the name of yours on the list doesn’t mean we can’t make it work! One of the great parts about working with TimeWellScheduled is our ability to adapt our software to meet your companies needs. Our clients definitely know best.

Jeff Burley, Associate Dealer – Canadian Tire Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia


Why punch a physical clock when you can get it all online? Keep all your information in the cloud and never lose a traditional time sheet again!


Create your teams schedules ahead of time and allow them to view it online, request time off and select whether or not you’d like to allow shift trading.


Use the device of your choice and check in on your time clocks whenever you’d like from wherever you are!

Perpetual Updates

We are working closely with all of our clients to develop our potent tool into the only tool you’ll ever need for Time and Attendance tracking.

“Being a 24/7 call centre, scheduling is a MAJOR part of our business – specifically ensuring we have the correct number of staff with the proper skill sets at the right times of day. It USED to be a big time sucker for us… but now, it’s easy and unbelievably more efficient. Within the first couple weeks of using it, I could see that it was going to be a huge advantage for us — a big labour load lifted off of my supervisors’ shoulders. Let’s say we need 15 agents and 5 of them have to be bilingual. When we add our employees [into TimeWellScheduled], we identify which ones are bilingual so it’s really easy to drag and drop the right type of agent into those seats…Previously, we were using a spreadsheet. It was very easy to double-book somebody or make it look like you had enough seats filled but, in actuality, you didn’t.”


Kevin Booker, Co-Owner – Tactical Marketing Solutions

“TimeWellScheduled saves our store 2 days of work each week on payroll.Before I had a phone number here, a note there, now I keep all my information in one place. Previously managers would approve hours once a week, now they do it daily. TimeWellScheduled is more beneficial for the department managers because they get to see exactly what’s happening in their departments with regard to their staff coming and going…The information it holds is much more valuable than the old system.” The ensures timecards are accurate and reduces the followup needed by administration. TimeWellScheduled is a great system…Proactive is the best way I can describe it.”


John Baxter, General Manager – Canadian Tire

The system is extremely good and easy to use.


Karen - Abilities Development Ltd

“Rick and I both really appreciate your unfailing help with all of this!”

Jan Johnson

Canadian Tire Store - Pembroke, ON

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