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Time Cards

Time Cards & Approvals

  • Only review the time cards with exceptions
  • Detailed to explain what caused the exception
  • Delegate approvals to managers

Only Approve Time Cards With Exceptions

TimeWellScheduled only requires you to approve time cards that have exceptions, when an employee is early or late. If the employee clocks in within your grace periods there is no approval needed, reducing your work load

Delegate The Work

You don’t need to rely on a single person to do all the approvals. You can assign managers to approve their own team’s time cards. With detailed tracking, you can see who made what changes and when.

Why Did They Do That?

At each early or late punch, TimeWellScheduled asks the employee to provide a reason for their early or late action. Within the time cards you can see the reason each employee entered. With a few clicks you can edit and approve the time card to send to payroll.

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