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    July 2022

    Showing EMPLOYEE NOTES on the schedule and time card review pag

    Showing EMPLOYEE NOTES on the schedule and time card review page

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    Update to asset tracking – assign to department

    When creating an asset, you can now pick the department the asset belongs to. In this case, only specific departments require a radio and need to be tracked.

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    Stat pay calculation not showing vacation days

    When the stat pay report is first setup it does NOT add any absence type days into the report. This ensures accidental days are not added into the calculation without someone specifically setting them up.

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    “You have been a huge help. I have it all set up and ready to begin on Sunday. So far a few senior staff have been testing it and love it.
    I love all the features it has, its going to save be hours and hours of work with payroll. The scheduling feature is so customizable and the managers love it already. This app is streamlining the employee/manager relationship with regards to time off, absences, scheduling etc.
    The reports are detailed and will keep time scheduling on track.
    Wish we would have switched long ago.”

    Office Manager, Store 900 St Paul Canadian Tire

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