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We have 2 important updates coming this weekend. 1. For those using biometrics, the employee code update will be launched. We've sent an email out on this to all administrators. 2. We've made some updates to the app, you will see an update pushed for both iOS and...

Update to employee section

Update to employee section

`We’ve updated the employee listing page to match the rest of the site’s look and feel. This allows for Quicker load time Easy searches Responsive layout  We’ve also updated the employee add/edit page, so like functions are grouped and easier to find with the top...

Adding labels in shifts

You can now create shifts that are just labels, for example, ON CALL shifts. This new feature will put a place holder on the scheduling page but will NOT change your budgeted hours. You can drag and drop and delete these shifts just like any other shift. Read the how...

Schedule Print

TimeWellScheduled will now log your last print choice so you don't have to re-pick the options each time.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire

We are excited to announce we've just welcomed our 250th Canadian Tire store.

Paid and Unpaid Sick Days

Paid and Unpaid Sick Days

We’ve broken out SICK DAYS into PAID and UNPAID. PAID can now be exported to payroll as RT. Read the HOW TO here. 

New Updates To TimeWellScheduled

New Updates To TimeWellScheduled

Update #1 When you copy a schedule you now have the option to copy notes or NOT copy notes: Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 9.04.14 AM.png Update #2 A few clients have asked for more important dates, so we've added 3 new dates to the employee profile: Employee Review 30 day...

Server delays

Server delays

Sorry we had a replication issue on one of the servers that was fixed 10min ago. It only impacted 1 of the servers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server speed issues resolved

Server speed issues resolved

We do apologize for the past few weeks and slowdowns you experienced. We have made several code and server updates to address these issues. As well, we have found specific conditions that caused our servers to be queried more than they needed too. We will keep...

System slowness

System slowness

We've been experiencing issues with one of our servers that is causing longer than expected page load times. We have our whole team working on this - we've made changes last night and expect more to come. Very sorry for the inconvenience.  

Edit Timecard Hours Before Sending to Payroll

Edit Timecard Hours Before Sending to Payroll

Sometimes you need to override the default calculations for RT and OT hours. To do this, go to the HOUR AND SHIFT PREPARATION report and select your time period. Beside the RT hours, you will see an edit icon, click it: In the popup, change the values and click SAVE:...

Coming Soon – Payroll Updates & Employee Report

Coming Soon – Payroll Updates & Employee Report

Our team has been busy this summer working on a few new features in the backend. Employee Report This new report will recap all the employee's absences, lateness and availabilities in one simple to use report with totals. Payroll Updates Easypay has updated their...

Schedule audit trail

Schedule audit trail

We've added an audit trail for schedule for just the week you're looking at. You could have used the audit trail report under REPORTS, but we've made it easier to find in one place. Click the HISTORY icon to see it. Previously this icon sorted the schedule by start...

Changes to Stat pay report

Changes to Stat pay report

We've updated the stat pay report to show STAT HOURS WORKED. This means if someone works the stat day, their hours will show at the top of the report. STAT HOURS EARNED (the previous information shown) will still show. Coming in the next few days: ability to 'edit'...

Service downtime tonight

Starting at 12am EDT today, Mar 22 we will be doing a database upgrade to the server. This *may* cause slowness from the system as we make this change. All changes should take less than 2 hours.



As an administrator, you can now review the emails sent and received by your employees. To do this, go to MESSAGES and click the button and select the employee you want to see the messages for: Shift Swapping Report A new report has been added under REPORTS to show...

Back to full systems

Earlier this morning our systems came back online, back to our original setup. Google is still investigating and will keep us posted. Performance should no longer be slower than normal. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this.  

Service update – Google status

Our team is still working with Google to solve the server issues from last night and today. Just wanted to share that the issue was not directly at our level, but google's cloud services (you can see here Here is a snippet from their...

Temporary outages

We may have temporary outages through the day as Google works to restore out primary servers. The downtime should be minimal when it happens. We are also running on a single server (vs our normal 2) so if the site seems a little slower than normal, that is why....

Servers back up

Out SSL server that was down is now back up. Sorry for any inconvenience, we are working with Google to pinpoint what happened and put steps in place with them to avoid it in the future.

Service issue

We have another service issue, google's servers are down with our SSL server (this is the service that provides the secure connection). We already have a ticket in with google and working with them to resolve. Will keep this updated.  

Service back up

Google is still investigating what happened - they are unsure. It looks to be a physical server issue. On our side, we've launched a new instance and we are up and running. If you notice a speed issue, we apologize and this will be fixed once Google has solved the...

Service issue

There appears to be an issue with our Google Cloud server - we are looking at a restart to fix the issues. Should only be down for a few minutes.

Seeing all unread messages

Seeing all unread messages

We've added a feature in the message module to show all unread messages with just 1 click. Previously when you loaded the messages, it would show you the last 7 days of messages, which may or may not contain messages With this new feature, when you click SHOW UNREAD...

Upgrade to biometrics

Upgrade to biometrics

We've added the ability to scan 2 fingers instead of just 1. This will your employees to try another finger in case one stops. As well we've added a process to test the fingerprint right on the employee page. Click the 'Test biometric scan' link to test.

Org Chart Update

Org Chart Update

We've updated the look and feel of the org chart (under REPORTS) to have a cleaner/responsive look. Take a look.

Update to Manager/Supervisor view

Update to Manager/Supervisor view

Previously, in GENERAL SETTINGS we added an option to allow managers & supervisors to see employee information outside their department without actually granting them control of that department: A few clients have mentioned this tool wasn't granular enough to...

Automatically Mark Emails Read

Automatically Mark Emails Read

We’ve launched a new feature in the emails we send to employees which will try and recognize if the message has been read without needing to click MARK THIS EMAIL READ. We embed a small image that you can’t see and track if the image has been seen. We hope this makes...

Time Card and Terminated Employees

Time Card and Terminated Employees

Did you know when reviewing past time cards, TimeWellScheduled will automatically show employees who were active at the time but no longer active now? No need to wonder what happened a year ago, the employee will automatically show up.

How To Install The TimeWellScheduled App

How To Install The TimeWellScheduled App

1. Download the app based on your device ANDROID –   iOS  –   2. Run the app, you will see a...

Employee Hour Alerting

Employee Hour Alerting

 Do you want to receive an alert when an employee reaches a defined number of hours? With our hour alerting module, you can do that. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS and setup the hours you want to get alerted on:   Once setup, you can set an employee’s previous hours in...

Update to ADD SHIFT

Update to ADD SHIFT

We've made some tweaks to the ADD SHIFT module to make it easier to use and provide more information. The updates include: add multiple days add multiple employees see who is absence/unavailable if you override the shift rules, you can pick the break/meal times and...

Biometric & Windows 10

Biometric & Windows 10

On Friday Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 - this update appears to conflict with the digital persona software (the software the biometric device uses). We are waiting on digital persona to advise on an update. In the meantime, do NOT install the latest...

Managers Can Now Clock In Employees

Managers Can Now Clock In Employees

We've added a feature to the dashboard to allow managers and administrators to clock in employees. This feature replicates the action as if they were doing it themselves. This would be useful in a few cases the managers could do on the employees behalf if an employee...

Update to iOS app

Update to iOS app

We are still waiting on Apple to approve our upgrade to the app. Very sorry for the delays.

Issues with iOS app

Issues with iOS app

We’ve discovered an issue with our certificate and as such, the app may stop working. We are working with Apple to get this sorted out ASAP. In the mean time, if the app stops working for you, please use the web browser on the device and and set the URL to your...

Update to vital signs

Update to vital signs

We've updated the vital signs recording to be clearer - now you will have work orders and average work order values in the collection process.

New Alerts Available

New Alerts Available

We've added 3 new alert options under Manage My Business » Manage Schedule and Time Card Settings 1. These 2 alerts can be turned on to alert managers when an employee actually arrives late 2. This alert can be turned on to alert managers when an employee has failed...

New Add/Edit Shift Popup

New Add/Edit Shift Popup

We are working on the finishing touches to the add/edit shift module. This new module will provide the following new features: See and pick other employees who are available on that day See who is absent or unavailable If scheduled break/meal times are enabled, what...

Slow system speeds

Slow system speeds

Over the last 2 days we have experienced some database server issues which have resulted in slow speeds. We believe they were all addressed last night with a few updates and everything will run normal on the go forward. Very sorry for any inconvenience this has...

Update to site

Update to site

We just launched an update to the vital signs. Now you can edit last year for the same date, and a new format for the email that goes out.

Override Meal/Break Times Based On Day Of Week

Override Meal/Break Times Based On Day Of Week

A few of our clients have commented that on weekends, they have different meal lengths than the weekday. We have now added a new control for this. Go to Manage My Business » Manage Schedule and Time Card Settings and change the settings here:

YTD Absences and Availability

YTD Absences and Availability

When approving absences and availability, we now show the approved and pending YTD totals for the employee based on the absence category.

Biometric Upgrade Ready!

Biometric Upgrade Ready!

We are excited to help all our clients change from the old java to the new biometric process. Just follow this simple HOW TO to switch over -

Refer a friend and get $100

Refer a friend and get $100

Do you have a friend who would benefit from from TimewellScheduled? Refer them to us and we will give you a $100 credit on your next invoice!

Fix made to offline mode

Fix made to offline mode

In the last week we discovered that an update to Firefox caused our offline mode to stop working. We have found the issue and made a change so it will again work.

Enable location sharing on Firefox and Google Chrome

Enable location sharing on Firefox and Google Chrome

If you have disabled geo location services for Firefox and/or Google Chrome use the following instructions to enable. Firefox: In the address bar type "about:config" On the "about:config" page type "geo.enabled" in the Search bar to see the preferrences. Click on...

Message Module Upgrades

Message Module Upgrades

Tonight May 30 at 9PM EDT we will be taking the message module offline to make some improvements in the backend to increase the speed and usability. We expect this to take 1-2 hours. The only interruption will be the inability to add new messages.

Changes coming to make Biometrics easier

Changes coming to make Biometrics easier

When we originally launched our biometric option, we integrated the solution with Java. This worked but as the years passed, browsers slowly dropped their support of java. With that, we have a new solution coming that will NOT need java to be installed. Simply run a...

Share the notes on schedules with other team members

Share the notes on schedules with other team members

You can now share the notes on schedules with other team members. To turn this on, go to Manage My Business » General » Manage Schedule and Time Card Settings and check this off: You can now share the notes on schedules to other team members. To turn this on, go to...

Comments on Timebands

When you create (or edit) a timeband you can now add a comment. This comment will then be automatically added when you apply the timeband.  

New Features April 26, 2018

We've added some new Features already available in TimeWellScheduled. In DAY view in the schedule, the ability to edit a schedule (add comments, change department or role) Fix to change shift swap & for employees to delete shift swap In DAY view in the schedule,...

Updates – March 27, 2018

Today we released several updates to TimeWellScheduled which include: For those of you using EasyPay for payroll there is a new employee import format. You can now take the employee export directly from EasyPay and import it into TimeWellScheduled. Where to find this...

Off hours maintenance – Mar 18

On Mar 18 from midnight to 4AM we will be working on the TimeWellScheduled database. This affects fewer than half of TimeWellScheduled clients as we are updating only one of multiple server databases. This requires us taking the system down during that time frame. The...

Resource Planning – Schedule Layout

Resource Planning – Schedule Layout   We’ve added a new schedule layout called ‘Resource Planning’. You can view this layout by clicking the calendar on the scheduling page.   In this view, each department and absence has their own icon to show what the...

Timecard Absence reasons

We've updated the selection of Absence reasons available in timecard. The timecard dropdown will reflect Absence reasons in : Manage My Business » Business Settings » Manage Absence Request Types

Timecard issues

We have reports from a few users that the timecard page is intermittently working. Our team is looking into this.

TimeWellScheduled service

Currently, we are receiving reports from some clients that they are unable to connect. We are working on the issue and will have it resolved ASAP

Stat changes for Alberta

New stat changes starting Jan 1 are already incorporated in TimeWellScheduled's Holiday and Stat Report. It will calculate the average hours for the last 4 weeks for all holidays from Jan 1 2018 and on.


TimeWellScheduled now offers a visual Charting report to give more info on Hours, Wages and Absences. To visit, go to Time Card & Payroll >> Charting

TimeWellScheduled Timeouts – Nov 6, 2017

We discovered earlier today that TimeWellScheduled was inaccessible for Bell clients due to a service issue with Bell internet. TimeWellScheduled servers are monitored by a third party. Our server status can be viewed in real time here:...

Oct 26 – Bell Service Disruption

Weekly schedule reminder email issue Some employees may have received their weekly scheduled with incorrect information. The department they were scheduled in may have not been the correct department. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has cause

Update to alert on important dates

You can now control which alerts you want to receive for important dates. Under Manage My Business » General » Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labor Rules You can select which alerts to receive.

New Features

We've made more updates including: 1. A new way to view the schedule by shift start times. 2. A new option to restrict employee messages to TimeWellScheduled only without emailing. 3. Easily send Employee Welcome Emails.

New Features – September 2017

We've recently added some new features to TimeWellScheduled. 1. Exclude paid meals/breaks from overtime calculations. Set your hours for maximum regular hours and choose the option to exclude paid meals and breaks 2. Schedule page update A) We've added the Competency...

Upgrades to Server

Over this weekend, we will be making upgrades to our servers. These changes will speed up access to the site and decrease load times. These upgrades will happen after hours, starting at midnight EST for a couple of hours.

Unscheduled Server maintenance

TimeWellscheduled may be slower than usual this morning (July 25, 2017) due to unscheduled maintenance to our server. The development team is working hard to speed things up. Service will continue as normal, just be aware of slower response times.  ...

Drag and Drop Images

Did you know that when creating a new message or News post, you can drag and drop images, word documents and PDFs into your message? Image attachments have always been possible, but now you can pull directly from a folder and also resize images.   News Images...

Updates – Dashboard link / Stat OT in preparation report

We have created a link to the store's dashboard page in order to view the employees scheduled for the day. This feature is handy for Managers and Supervisors to easily access the Dashboard on a mobile device without having to sign in each time.     We have...

Upgrades And Speed

Our team has been working hard over the last week making small but necessary changes to the system. With this, comes faster load times and quicker reports. We do apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Improvements to punch speeds

Our team is making server and database enhancements that will increase the performance of the site this week. This will all be done after hours to not interrupt your normal work day. But you may notice slow downs at night We plan to have all work done by mid week. Any...

Biometric issues

We have found an issue that causes the site to take a long time to load when using the biometric device AND not punching the correct action. If the employee is punching the correct action, meaning they are pressing ENTRY at the start of the shift, NO ISSUE. Only if...

Welcome to another new client…

We'd like to Welcome Tile Ideal to TimeWellScheduled.   “I really appreciate your willingness to adapt and sculpt the software to help suite our needs. ” Mark Tile Ideal

Issue with Easypay export

A few companies may have had issues with their Easypay export, specifically stating there was errors with the department code. Last week we made an update to the export for those stores that export based on department worked (not the employees primary department) ,...

New Sales/Labor Budget Report

The Sales/Labor Budget Cost Report will display past Sales and Labor data from the Sales/Labor Budget Cost. Go to Time Card & Payroll>>Sales/Labor Budget Cost Report     and

Timecard layout makeover

We've updated the Timecard Layout.  Functionality will stay the same, But you'll find a new cleaner, easier to use layout. Before: After: The new layout features new panels for choosing Departments and employees, an new date picker and a better layout for tablets and...

The new Sales/Labour Budget cost report

The new Sales/Labour Budget cost report is now available. Now you'll be able to see several week's numbers after entering them into the Sales and Labour Budget costing tool on the Scheduling screen.     You can enter previous week's numbers a sell by using...

Biometric scanner – Firefox work around

We've found a simple work around to continue using Firefox with the Biometric Scanner. Deactivate Auto update in Firefox Download firefox 51.00 - Link to firefox 51: Setup 51.0.exe Close Firefox...

Biometric scanner and Firefox V52 release

Today we found out that Firefox has discontinued support for Java in the latest version (V52) release. Java is a critical component for biometric operations. If your store is using a biometric finger scanner please update your browser to Internet Explorer...

New Look, same reports

Just a quick note that very shortly we will be updating the look of the reports page. Nothing will change in terms of the wording, or functionality, just a change in the look. Here is an example of what you will see.

New Links Module

Now you can display important and relevant links on the TimeWellScheduled Dashboard. Choose Manage My Business>>Manage My Links Click Add Link to create a new link or Edit form the drop down menu to edit an existing link. Employees will see link on Dashboard...

New links panel on Dashboard

Now you can include important links in your store's dashboard screen. all Employees will see these links when activated.   To add a Link go to manage My Business>>Manage My Links, click Add Link, fill in the Name and URL and click Add. to Edit an existing...

Vital Signs

A quick update was launched last night to allow admins to edit past values.

TimeWellScheduled Server Maintenance – Sunday Nov 13

As part of our process to improve our systems, we need to upgrade our database servers. From 1AM to 4AM (EST) on Nov 13 we will have a service interruption that will make the service unavailable. If you have staff who need to punch in, please look at using our offline...

Daily Vital Signs

We’ve made it easy to record your store’s Vital Signs and share them with your choice of staff. Record your store’s Average basket total, Customer count, Store and Service sales by choosing the blue  button on your dashboard. You’ll be prompted to enter the store’s...

TimeWellScheduled iPad App

As a result of the service interruption over the weekend we've updated the TmeWellScheduled app. As well, processes have been put in place to avoid this same failure in the future.

Manage With Success

    Manage With Success is an effective HRIS for SMB. Fully integrated with Time Well Scheduled, it allows you to save a lot of time in reporting, help you structure your HR informations and lowers the number of paper form you keep accumulating. There is no...

Amazing Turnout at the Canadian Tire convention in Quebec City

David, Christian and Mark attended the Canadian Tire convention in Quebec City this past weekend. 2 exciting days, we met many existing and new dealers. We signed up 32 new stores!!!!!   Joe, the dealer from Smith Falls dropped by and hear what he had to say...

Over/Under hours notification

We created a notification requested by some dealers to inform them when employees are over/under hours. Below image appears BEFORE you publish, to give you a list of any discrepancies. To remove the alerts completely got to Manage My Business » General » Manage My...

Updates to our API

Do you want to integrate with TimeWellScheduled and your application? We’ve added more options available, check them out here: https:

Updates to Role Based Scheduling

We’ve updated role based scheduling to have more features and alerting. You can manage it all in a new section under MANAGE MY SCHEDULE AND TIMECARD SETTINGS. Updates include Ability to set the default schedule view to role based Send weekly email to employees on...

New My Login option on

We’ve added the option to Login from the website. Employees’ who may have lost the unique store URL we provide can easily find their store and login using the website. Just visit and click on My...

Easier To Calculate Stat Pay

We started with Ontario and streamlined the stat pay reports. What this means is that you no longer need to pick the stat day (we pull that from the setup). And we’ve redesigned the page to use the new layout within the site, meaning a cleaner, responsive design. And...

Holiday Stat Report Easier To Use

  We've started with Ontario making it easier to generate your holiday stat report. Other provinces and states will receive the same updates. What we've changed: 1. instead of having to pick the holiday, the system recognizes the ones you have entered and makes...

TimeWellScheduled may be unresponsive – August 22, 2016

We just got word that google’s servers (where we host TimeWellScheduled) are down so response times may be delayed. If you haven't already , you can turn on TimeWellScheduled's "Offline mode" to help things run smoother. Make sure you are using the latest Firefox...

Update To The Sales/Labour Budget Cost Module

We’ve enhanced the Sales/Labour Budget Cost module by allowing you to enter values at a daily value. To do this, click any department name In the new popup, you can enter the daily sales. The daily sales is totaled and carried back to the weekly screen automatically....

Coming Soon

Improvments we’re working on...   New budgeting features, New stat holiday report, LIVE absence requests, New timecard layout, New sales/budget module, You will soon be able to push daily sales values so they can carry upward into your weekly...

We Now Have Over 100 Canadian Tire Stores!!

We are pleased to announce that we have over 100 stores in every province of Canada. We keep adding more stores each month, which means new features and enhancement keep coming.

Take this shift & unassigned roles

For a few years we’ve had the ability to create shifts and leave them unassigned. In this example, there are 1 of 2 FLOOR MANAGER shifts filled. It was up to the scheduling team to assign employees into the shift. We just launched a change so optionally, you can allow...

New options in View my Schedule

New options in View my Schedule

Allow employees to see each other's schedules. Allow employees to see the schedule in Weekly view *Employees will NOT have permissions to edit schedules in any way.  

The New Message Module

Reading Messages Made Easier Fresh new look Responsive layout (resizes for the device you’re on) Easier to read design Quick and easy searching Date searching Delete all Inbox messages. Send messages to: Employees Departments Roles...

Sales/Labour Budget Cost tool

Our new Sales/Labour Budget Cost tool allows you to enter store Sales totals and compare them to you labour budget and labour costs. See all departments at once for a convenient view of the whole store’s numbers. Set Sales, Labour Budget Cost and Labour Budget Hours...

Employee Handbook

Now add an employee handbook available for employees to download from their dashboard.   Upload Handbook Handbook available for download on dashboard.

New multiple role alerts

Previously you could set a secondary notification on only 1 role above the selected one. This change allows you to pick ANY role that is higher, and pick any employee in it.  

Updated Payroll reports

TimeWellScheduled Payroll reports have been updated. A fresh new look will help you create reports easier and faster. Original reports will also stay activated while everyone get acclimated to the new format.   Choose your Department, Groups, Classification,...

Activate SMS Messaging

1. In General Settings, choose Turn On SMS   2.  Once this option is configured,  Alerts may be set for each employee. In Manage My Business > Genereal > Manage My Employees > Edit employee, choose the SMS option in the Alerts panel. There are three...

Web Applications

TimeWellScheduled is a Web Application, that means it uses a web browser as a user interface instead of having to download or install software on your computer. There are other advantages to Web Applications as well: Reduced business costs - less time spent talking to...

Setting up your biometric device

Setting up your biometric device TimeWellScheduled even allows for leading edge biometric time and attendance systems to confirm user authentication and utilize the most secure form of verification today.  Try TimeWellScheduled free for 30 days.    Please follow...

What is Biometrics and Biometric Authentication?

Part 2 of 2

Wikipedia defines BiometricFunctionality as: "Biometric functionality Many different aspects of human physiology, chemistry or behavior can be used for biometric authentication. The selection of a particular biometric for use...

What is Biometrics and Biometric Authentication?

Part 1 of 2

In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements, for authentication purposes. Biometric...

Managing User Alerts

This support topic is to help you to be able to know how to customize the alerts that each employee and supervisor will get.   To start you will want to make sure that you’re adding a new employee or you’ve selected an employee from the “Manage My Employees”...

How NOT to Record Employee Hours

You know, here at TimeWellScheduled, we come across alot of stories about how companies record employee work time. We hope you’re tracking time properly and efficiantly  and not like this business owner. TimeWellScheduled can help.   We found an interesting story...

Time and Attendance Statistics

A time and attendance system like TimeWellScheduled can save you thousands of dollars when you consider the negative financial impact of three key factors: time theft; time spent manually figuring time sheets; and human error in calculations. Time Theft: According to...

5 Advantages of Using a Time Clock and Attendance Software

Original article By: Windfall   "Managing employee time and attendance can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Time clock and attendance software eliminates the frustrations of a manual process and automates your entire system. Most businesses are already...

Weekly Late Report

Did you know if managers want to see which employees came to work late, we have a couple of reports that might work.   Time Card & Payroll » Time Card Discrepancy Report   1. click Time Card & Payroll 2. click View Time Card Discrepancy 3.  choose...

The History of the Time Clock

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "A time clock, sometimes known as a clock card machine or punch clock or time recorder, is a mechanical (or electronic) timepiece used to assist in tracking the hours worked by an employee...

Adding Drag and Drop Shifts

You can add common shift times easily by creating Timebands which will appear at the top of the schedule.  Just Drag and Drop the new button into the schedule to add the new shift.   To create a new Timeband click on the “+” button in the blue header section at...

Five Steps to Cost Savings Through Better Schedule Adherence

By Mae Kowalke, TMCnet Contributor   An unscheduled 10-minute break during a typical eight-hour call center shift doesn’t sound...

Budget Values

Budget values are a great way to plan hours or cost in a schedule. Up to now though, they've been limited to a week at a time. With our latest change, you can carry the hours or cost over as many weeks as you need. To do this, Go to Scheduling Click the settings icon...

New Schedule View

Schedule View Previously you could enable managers to see EVERYONE'S schedule, even those they didn't manage. However this was limited to MONTH view. Now we've added the same feature in WEEK view on the schedule screen. To enable this,   Click on Manage my...

Manage Absence Request Types

Manage Absence Request Types Here's How To Manage Absence Request Types for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.  

Stat pay

You can now setup your stat pay rules AND holidays to make your timecard calculations even easier. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS and you will see a new setup, Manage Holidays & Stat Pay Setup  From here you can add new holidays, and set your rules....

TimeWellScheduled gets a new look!!

TimeWellScheduled is making intuitive changes to make things easier for you and your employees. New signups will start seeing these changes February 1st, 2015. Existing clients will have the option to preview for a month before flipping over.   New Login Page. New...

Time and Attendance for Schools/Daycare

TimeWellScheduled also offers features for student attendance. Drop-off and pick up tracking ensure that students are with the parent or guardian they are supposed to be with.

Time and Attendance Equipment

Time and attendance equipment are hardware that is used with a time and attendance system within a company’s workplace. Time and attendance hardware is used to track employee hours and attendance, as well as enhance workplace security. A time attendance machine...

Biometric Time and Attendance System

What is a Biometric Time and Attendance System? Biometrics is the identification of people based upon their physical characteristics; most commonly their fingerprints, hands, eyes, or facial features. While time and attendance systems are used to manage employee...

Time and Attendance

What is Time and Attendance? Time and attendance is an area of workforce management that collects data of when employees start and stop their work days, and the department where their work takes place. This is done through a system that collects the data either...

New Partnership with Manage With Success

TimeWellScheduled and Manage With Success are partnering up so you can have 2 great products with just 1 system. Manage With Success consolidates human resources information into an web-database that is both easy to read and easy to use. Use Manage With Success...

Recent updates

We added a quick update for scheduling. In Manage My Business » General » Manage My Schedule Settings and Time Card Settings, we've added a new option to the schedule screen to let you select how employee names will show:

Recent updates

When printing a schedule, you can now choose to include comments and pay rates, in addition to the original hours totals. This was added in 2.0.19.  

Recent updates

We just released 2.0.19 with a variety of small changes.    1. One click swap of schedule - now in the scheduling screen you can mouse over a schedule and quickly switch it to another employee

Sometimes I see negative hours, why is that?

This can happen in very specific cases, when you allow shift splitting and employees can clock in early. In normal cases, here is how a shift split works. Employee Scheduled - 12PM to 8PM Employee leaves at 3PM, arrives back at 5PM We calculate the schedule as 2...

Remove the biometric requirement for any employee

Before this weekends update, only administrators could log in via employee/code and password. We've now opened this up so you can allow any employee to do the same. When you edit an employees profile, under their employee code you will see this option, check it off...

Quickly See Last Years Totals – Better Scheduling

For those of you with us for more than a year, we've included last years financials at the bottom of the scheduling screen so you can compare your current weeks totals with last years. You can also click the data to jump back to that time period. When done, click the...

Version 2.0.08

Features Added: CR 91 - Add new export format, ‘Bravo’ CR 92 - Add full day API push - currently the API allows for a single action push (ie. entry), this change would allow for a full day to be pushed at once (entry, breaks, meals and exit) CR 93 - Projected Sales...

Version 2.0.07

Features Added: CR 77 - Changes to ABSENCE  reports: By Employee - need to go farther in the past than Feb 2012 By Reason Type - add employee drop list By Alerts - When you run the report, you don’t know who you picked (it doesn’t show the name) and all the reason...

Weekly email schedule reminders

Last week we had an issue with the weekly schedule emails that went out. Your team may have noticed the email they received did not match their actual schedule. We have resolved this and apologize for any inconvenience.

Security email alert sent to administrators

I just received this email: There has been 2 unsuccessful attempts to log into ' [your URL] ' using 2 Employee Code '000264' & '000262'. Therefore that IP address has been banned for an hour. Details of the IP banned: IP : Location: CANADA -...

Now you can better manage the hours per role

When you create a role, you can optionally enter the minimum and maximum hours an employee should be scheduled each week. When an employee is outside the requirements, the validation of the schedule will trigger a warning. COMINGSOON - The system will highlight the...

Darren Gunn Testimonial

Recently one of our current clients was kind enough to share their own thoughts on how TimeWellScheduled benefits them, and how our Time and Attendance Software has made them more efficient.

Scheduling Screen Quicker To Load

Now when you visit the scheduling screen, the previous week and department you were working on is automatically loaded. No need to have to reselect the week and pick the departments you were viewing.

How to know when there is a service interruption

Did you know we use a third party tool ( to query our servers every minute to make sure they are up? As soon as it can not connect, it sends an email and phone alerts to our entire support team. We can then quickly determine the issue and fix it. And how do...

New report – Labour Breakdown by Employee/Department

Under Time Card & Payroll, we've added a new report called 'Labour Breakdown by Employee/Department'. This report is designed to show hour breakdown by either an employee or department Employee: When you select this filter, you will see how many hours the employee...

Adding comments to timecards

We've now added the ability for mangers/supervisors to add comments to timecards when they are approving a specific timecard. These comments will show on the timecard page with a special comments icon, and when you print/export as well.

Updated Validation Button

We've updated the validation button so it's color coded and easier to see if there are items you should address. The button now has 3 states: Schedule Not Validated - this means the schedule has been made but no one has validated it Warnings In Scheduled - this means...

Possible Issue With Chrome Browser

In the last few days we've noticed clients having issues with our system and Chrome browsers. We are looking into this, it seems to be a caching issue in Chrome because a hard reset fixes it. To do this, click the reload circle arrow icon to the left of the URL bar:

Why can’t I add a timecard for an employee?

Sometimes there is a need to add a manual timecard for an employee however there name doesn't show in the list to select. If the employee is marked as 'NOT scheduled and can check in/out at any time' then the only department they will show in is their primary...

What to do with NO SHOWS?

Previously when an employee didn't show up, their name remained in the timecard list as unapproved, with no way of reporting on this. Now, you can mark those timecards as NO SHOWS: You now see the link 'Mark this as a did not show absence'. Once you've done this, you...

Canadian Tire – Easy Export for Your Productivity Reports

Do you participate in the productivity reports? If so, we've made it easy for you to quickly export your information and submit it. First, go to REPORTS->PRODUCTIVITY REPORT and click 'Setup'. Pick the payroll classification you want to include, and the departments...

Changes to Timecards

We've made a few changes to the timecard page to make it easier for approvals, these changes include 1. decrease the load time of the page 2. create a standard header along the top (same as you see on the scheduling screen) to pick departments, etc 3. default to only...

Change to Desjardin exporting

If you use Desjardin for payroll, we've now added a feature to specify if you pay weekly or every 2 weeks. This will output the data a little differently in the export file so that Desjardin recognizes the two weeks separately.

Service interruption morning of June 19

In the morning of June 19, our database servers had intermittent issues responding to requests. We have resolved the issues as of 8:55AM. We are tracking down the source so this does not happen again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

New labour rule settings added

We've added new labour rules to let you manage your payroll exporting better. To make changes or set this up, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE MY PAYROLL, SHIFTS AND LABOUR RULES

How Do I Override a Shifts Meal/Lunch Break Length?

Go to SCHEDULING and select the department the employee works in (if the schedule is published, you will need to unpublish it). If you are adding a new schedule, click the + green icon and at the bottom of the page, you will see: If you are editing a schedule, click...

How To Transfer TimeCards to Sage Peachtree

Generating the CSV file 1) Go to Manage My Bussiness and verify that Peachtree is selected, if not select it and save the setup: 2) Go to the Reports option and select Export to Peachtree: 3) Select the information according to the steps mentioned in the preparation...

How to Setup Biometrics

Step 1 - Install the biometric device into your USB port. You should see the light inside the device turn on, a soft blue colour (this means that it is on). Step 2 - You need to install the drivers, one time only. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS and you will see the links to...

How to Enroll Employees Using Biometrics

Step 1 - Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE MY EMPLOYEES and select the employee to edit. Scroll down to General Information and click 'Set biometric value' Step 2 - The employee will need to press their finger 4 separate times on the device. THEY MUST ALWAYS USE THE...

Alerting Employees Before Their Schedule Start

Employees AND management/business owners can now have their employees be emailed before their shift starts. With this option, the employee will be sent an email at the preset time, before their shift start. So no more excuses they didn't know they had a shift.

How to Setup Barcode Scanner

One punch in method TimeWellScheduled supports is barcode scanning. Barcode reads (like this one) scan a barcode and input like a keyboard. This means we keep the employee code and password setup and when you scan the barcode, it fills in those values. All your...

How To Transfer TimeCards to Quickbooks

Setting up Quickbooks Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS -> GENERAL -> GENERAL SETTINGS Under Payroll, select Quickbooks as the payroll option. A popup will appear, requesting you to import payroll items. Any items you have already entered will be displayed here. Select a file...

Speed and Performance Improvement

As of 11:26am today, we switched over to our new infrastructure running the latest and greatest.  The net result for you, our clients and customers is: Faster load times for all pages Fewer timeouts at poor Internet connections (requires less offline use) More...

Why do my employees get automatically punched out?

We have 2 controls to ensure employee schedules do not run non-stop, making their timecard report a much larger number than it really is. Control 1 - Based on the maximum shift length, we auto log an employee off 1 hour after this. For example, if Department A has a...

What methods of punch in do you support?

We currently support 5 different punch in methods. These are: Employee Code & Password - This is the simplest and easiest method to setup. The employee code usually relates to their payroll number and a secure password. Works on Windows or Mac Up Front Cost: $0...

Restricting access based on cookies

Originally, we restricted access of the punch in/out/meal/break buttons to an IP. For most businesses, this would work because they have a a static IP that never changes. However, some business don't have access to a static IP, so we've launched an enhancement to...

How do I mark an employee inactive?

First, make sure you have your employee status setup, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE EMPLOYEE STATUS and add as many status as you need, typical ones are 'No longer employeed' and 'Leave of absence'. Second, in the employee profile, in the 'General' section,...

Emailing schedules

Did you know you can setup your TimeWellScheduled to automatically email all employees their weekly schedules once a week? Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS and select the option 'Each Saturday, Email employees their schedule for the upcoming week'.

Scheduling sorting

You can now sort your schedules based on key areas. Each user has their own saved sort order so they can manage their schedules quickly and easily.

Why can’t I print my schedule in colour?

Internet Explorer By default, Internet Explorer does not print background colors. To change that: Select Page Setup from the menu toolbar in your browser. Place a check beside the checkbox with the words "Print Background Colors and Images" Click the OK button Mozilla...

How do I add/approve timecards for employees who do not show up?

Find the employee who has not shown up. To set their times, click the EDIT icon (in red) Click the ADD link (in red) to add hours Use the drop down to enter the hours you want, then click the SAVE icon (in red) Their hours are now added, click the APPROVE AND CLOSE...

How do I launch TimeWellScheduled from AI thin client?

Launch Citrix Launch Internet Explorer Select favorites Select TimeWellSchedule ( may show as Time & Attendance ) If client already has an account on TWS, enter store number at the top right Note: CoStar can be running at the same time.

I can’t see my punch in/out buttons, what happened to them?

Problem: An employee came to work today and the punch in/out buttons are missing, what happened to them? Solution: This will happen if your stores IP (the unique number on the internet) has changed. To fix this, follow the directions here.

Should I use shift or department based rules?

Here is an explanation of both types of rules: Department Rules - If the grace periods and length of breaks/meals are dictated by the department. Shift Rules - If the grace periods and length of breaks/meals are dictated by the shift length. One question that may help...

How do I approve my timecards

To approve timecards, go to TIMECARD & PAYROLL-> Review, Update and Approve Time Cards Pick a department and you will see a list of yellow and green entries. Green are approved, the employee clocked in based on the schedule and grace period you entered so we...

New Scheduling Screen Active

The new scheduling screen is now active as the default screen. This screen offers faster load times, new features and a new look and feel. We hope you enjoy this new change.

Faster TimeCard Processing

We've just updated the timecard reports so they are faster to load and process. Previously, each timecard would have to be loaded, reviewed and saved, causing the server to reload the timecard page. We've eliminated all this so the approval load time is less than a...

New Scheduling Screen

We've redesigned the scheduling screen so it is faster and easier to use. With this change, we remove more whitespace so you can see more employees on the screen at once. Some other key features of the new design: Departments View multiple departments at once and...

New Home Screen Launched!

We are working hard to make TimeWellScheduled easier to use and get the important details to you quickly. When you now log in, you will see 4 sections: Upcoming Schedules Your upcoming weeks schedule is listed here. Alerts Any alerts, from pending absence requests to...

How to check my schedule

From the home page, click “View My Schedule” along the bottom menu. On this page, you will be able to view your schedule for the current month. This schedule will indicate the department you will be working in, as well as the times. You can also review any requests...

How To Transfer TimeCards to PAYweb

From TimeWellScheduled Approve timecards Select reports Select either: Hours preparation report Hour and shift preparation report Hour, shift and pay preparation report Enter the required date range for the pay period Check all departments, hourly, active and verify...

How do I block employees from punching in from home?

There are two ways to do this: First Way: Make sure you setup your access restrictions. When these are setup, they will only show the punch in buttons for the registered IPs. You can see how to set these up here. Second Way: On the MANAGE MY BUSINESS page, there is an...

Why can’t I add or edit a schedule

There are 2 reasons why you would be unable to add or edit a schedule. Reason 1: If the schedule has been posted, no changes can be made to it. The top right of any posted schedule will alert you if this is the case: If the schedule has NOT been posted, you can make...

Employees – How to request time off

As an employee, to add time off select the 'Absence Request' button. On the calendar, select the correct month and day and click the 'Add Request' link. On the add request page, select the reason and add any comments you wish to share. Click Add. When you click add,...

How To Transfer TimeCards to EasyPay

Windows One time procedure: Create a new folder under EasyData and name it “TimeCards”. Create a shortcut path to the TimeCard folder (i.e. network share) Example z:EASYDATACTC142Timecards EasyPay: the EasyPay Customizer module must already be installed and setup...

Roles – What are they and how to set them up

Roles are used within the site for all absence and availability requests. Whenever an employee makes a request, an alert is sent to all the employees who they report to. This allows you to add multiple people to a single role, making sure there isn't a single point if...

Offline Mode Setup

Make sure you are using the latest Firefox (version 7 or higher) before setting this up. You can get the latest version here. Step 1 - Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS and click on 'Allow offline mode when the internet goes down' Step 2 - At each computer...

Temporary down-times

Over the last few days, we've had reports of periodic down-times on our servers. We've quickly repaired the issue and are looking at the root cause of this. We do apologize for any inconveniences.

Split schedules and copy history

If an employee had to leave and come back (say for a medical appointment), their schedule would have been automatically split for payroll. So with a 9AM-5PM shift, and the employee leaves at 11AM and comes back at 12:30PM, would create a 9AM-11AM and 12:30PM-5PM...

Up and running FAST

We just launched the 4 minute setup wizard to get new clients up and running quickly. If you're not a client, give it a try and start seeing the benefits of TimeWellScheduled!

Faster Load Times

We worked hard the last few weeks to reduce the load times on most pages. You will now notice an improvement loading schedules, approving timecards or running reports.

Blackout Periods

Several requests from clients prompted the addition of blackout periods for absence requests. Administrators can now add specific times within the year to prevent employees from requesting time off.

I’m not able to Update/Change a Schedule

If a schedule is posted, it can not be changed. You can tell if a schedule is posted by looking on the schedule screen and at the top right in bold green letters it reads: To unpublish a schedule, click: Once the schedule is unpublished, you will be able to make...

Setting up Access Restrictions

It is very important to setup access restrictions to avoid employees from punching in/out from home. Setting up access restrictions is very easy. From any computer within your businesses network, go to 'Manage My Business' and select 'Access Restrictions'. Your...


We've added nicer tooltips to the system, from timecard approvals to scheduling alerts, the new tooltips enhance the site.

How TimeWellScheduled Helps This Canadian Tire Store Save

I have been on the "TimeWellScheduled" program for over 5 months and notice amazing savings in the unproductive punching in early, punching out late or extended breaks. This system allows all managers to control these areas for each staff member and opened our eyes to...

New York City’s Time & Attendance Project

New York City decided to build their own time and attendance called CityTime with an original budget of $68million (the cost of the project ballooned to over $700 million) . At $2/employee/month, NYC could have used our product for 116 years spending that amount of...

Notes in the Schedule

We just updated the employee schedule and the action messages when employees clock in to include any notes attached to their schedule. This allows managers/supervisors to post additional information about their shift that they want to pass on to the employee.

Employees Checking Schedules From Home

Under MANAGE MY BUSINESS, you will see a link that is your companies 'Employee URL'. Give this URL to your employees so they can log in from home and check their schedules or request time off. Don't worry though, they can't punch in or out.

Payroll Integration expanded

Now you can integrate your TimeWellScheduled Time and Attendance system and payroll with a simple click. The products for which we support payroll integration are: EasyPay MYOB Simply Accounting Desjardins Ceridian (coming online in June, 2011, currently in testing...

Templates Make Scheduling Fast

Templates are predefined weekly schedules that saves you the time from having to add a shift each day. Setting up a template under MANAGE MY BUSINESS-MANAGE TEMPLATES is a simple and quick process. Give your template a recognizable name, then check off the days that...

Grouping By Employees

Yesterday we launched 'Grouping By Employees' for scheduling. This feature allows you to create a group picking specific employees that will show up in the scheduling 'Department' list. This is useful if you want to schedule all department managers on one screen. To...

Daily Schedules

We just released our latest feature, the daily schedule. This allows you to see the daily schedule, by department for the whole 24 hours, allowing you to make changes by scrolling the times left and right. Soon to be added is lunch planning.

Sending Messages

We had a few requests to enhance sending messages, to uncheck or check all - this was added yesterday to the site.

SSL Certificate Error

This morning we had a small issue with Firefox and our SSL certificate. We had a new SSL issued to include a new site however when we applied to the existing site, the issue appear. Firefox recognized the SSL was not valid and revoked it. We have since resolved the...

Night shifts

This week we released a new feature to allow shifts to span midnight. Up to now you had to create 2 schedule entries, which caused more work, and employees having to punch in/out. To start using this, log into the site, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS...

Mobile App for TimeWellScheduled

We are in the final stages of releasing the mobile TimeWellScheduled. This will allow employees to check their schedules, messages and requests absences from any smartphone. Watch for it coming this week.

Amazon Outage

(April 21, 8:45AM) Starting around 2AM, April 21, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud N. Virginia started to experience some issues. We host TimeWellScheduled on this cloud system and so had some interruptions. This has caused ALL clients using this service to go down. We...

Updates You Can Expect

A few new items we're working on right now: - over-night shift handling (final testing) - new daily scheduling method, lets you drill into a day and tweak each schedule - additional features on the mobile application - hourly rates to so you can see schedule costs -...

Unexpected Service Issues

(April 17, 6:34PM) Today we experienced an unexpected outage on TimeWellScheduled service from 12:30pm to approximately 3:30pm. Clients that were using TimeWellScheduled in Offline Mode continued to be able to punch in and out without any difficulties. To enable it...


This (YouTube) video link is to a prominent and well-respected podcast on the topic of security, as its name suggests: SecurityNow! Recently there was a widely publicized RSA security breach and their formal Open Letter describing very little here:...

iPad App Coming Soon

Here is a sneak peak at the prototype for the iPad app we're working on. With the front facing cameras, we will have an option which will take a picture of the employee to prevent buddy punching.

Message Centre

We've updated the message centre so it's cleaner and easier to use. Now you can easily pick the employees to message directly with fewer clicks.

A Great Testimonial!

Kevin Booker at Tactical Marketing Solutions uses TimeWellScheduled to manage their call centre team. Here is what he said: “I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with TimeWellScheduled. Being a 24/7 call centre, scheduling is a MAJOR...

TimeWellScheduled Demos Get a Great Reception!

[this is a post from Nerd David E.] I had an excellent demo today from Mark Kempe on the TimeWellScheduled software for my largest NerdCare client. The demo was very fast paced, and didn't waste their time, which they were very pleased with. It showed them everything...

New Free App Coming For TimeWellScheduled

Our team has started developing a free app version. We're working on the specifics and will have those to you soon. We're also looking at an iPad app that can be used to randomly (or constantly) take a snap shot when an employee clocks in. Another way we can ensure...

What is TimeWellScheduled?

TimeWellScheduled is a product from Nerds On Site that uses cloud-based technology to provide an affordable and easy way to manage and track employee hours, time off, breaks, shifts, and much more. There is no hardware or software to install. Business owners can...