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Feature List for Summer Camps and Daycare Scheduling Software

Digital Sign In/Out Board on iPad

A user-friendly digital sign in/out board accessible through iPads stationed at the entrance, facilitating quick and secure check-ins and check-outs for children. This feature supports real-time attendance tracking, ensuring accurate headcounts throughout the day.

Photo ID Verification for Pickup

Enhance child safety with a feature that allows staff to take and store photos of ID cards and signatures for individuals authorized to pick up children. This ensures digital record keeping of pickups, with all data securely encrypted for privacy.

Real-Time Attendance Monitoring

Keep track of attendance in real time, enabling staff to quickly identify absentees and ensure all children are accounted for. This feature is essential for emergency preparedness and daily operations.

Customizable Scheduling

Create and manage schedules for different groups, activities, and staff assignments. This tool allows for flexible planning and adjustments to accommodate the dynamic nature of summer camps and daycare operations.

Communication Portal

A centralized platform for communication between staff, parents, and management. This includes updates on child activities, announcements, and a direct line for inquiries or concerns, fostering a strong community.

Payroll Integration

Eliminate manual payroll calculations and record keeping. With a few clicks get your weekly payroll time sheets exported and imported into your payroll system.

Mobile App Integration

A mobile app that allows parents and staff to access schedules, sign in/out, and communicate from anywhere. This feature ensures that all stakeholders are informed and engaged, even on the go.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Set up custom alerts for late pickups, unauthorized access attempts, or emergencies. This proactive feature enhances the safety and security of children in care.

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