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    July 2021 – Updates to the employee app



    Recent awards from Capterra

    Updates to the employee app

    We’ve launched an update to the employee app that includes


    • Ability for employees to request time off within the app
    • Ability for employees to enter availability within the app
    • Updated controls and designs

    June 2021 Service Upgrades

    Over the last week our team has been working on solving performance issues on our servers. 

    How to make SICK DAY – PAID export in payroll

    We enhanced the WHO’S WORKING adit trail (as discussed hereto include APP punches. If you’re using the app you can now see what your employees see.

    13 Onboarding Tips for Your Small Business

    Employee retention is a critical component of any successful business. Employee turnover can be extremely expensive, not to mention extremely disruptive to your business. Retention strategies need to start early. In fact, the best retention strategies start with well-developed onboarding strategies, strategies that are implemented on an employee’s first day – if not sooner.

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