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    July 2023

    Candidate Sourcing: How to Find and Attract the Right Talent

    “Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found.” – Glen Cathey If you're looking to grow your team, it pays to invest time and energy into sourcing the best candidates. 

    Showing EMPLOYEE NOTES on the schedule and time card review page

    We’ve added the option to view employee notes on the schedule and time card review page. When viewing the schedule or time card you can quickly see the notes instead of needing to mouse over the icon.Read more here on how to enable.

    Case Study: Tim Hortons – Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada

    Tim Hortons, a beloved Canadian institution, holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Canadians. Since its humble beginnings in 1964, when the first Tim Hortons restaurant opened in Hamilton, Ontario, Canadians have been flocking to indulge in Tim Hortons’ famous Original Blend coffee, Double-Double coffees, Donuts, and Timbits.

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    Aug 2023

    Aug 2023

    New alerts for missed meal or breaks

    We’ve added new 2 alerts to managers when an employee has missed a scheduled meal or break during a shift.

    June 2023

    Have questions? We have answers. Allow employees to view pending/approved absences/availability on the schedule page...

    May 2023

    Have questions? We have answers. Employee Directory Report – Seniority Date A quick change was made to the employee...