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    March 2022 – Schedule Periods



    Schedule Periods

    When creating a schedule, if you’re looking for a fast way to see hour totals during the day by specific periods, create schedule periods. Read more here.

    Enabling Daylight Savings Time control

    With daylight savings time approaching, make sure you enable this feature if your location observes it. Follow these steps to turn it on/off.

    Record of Employment (ROE)

    When an employee leaves or you need to provide official documents related to an employee’s record of employment (ROE), you can now download them from the site. Read how to do that here.

    How do I restrict punching for a select group of employees

    If you need to restrict punching to a select area, follow these steps.

    Chat Feature

    Some key features:

    • you can send/receive instantly with your team members
    • you can easily see past conversations and files
    • you can quickly share images/files between each other
    • SOON – we will extend this to the app and receive push notifications on new chat messages

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