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    November 2021


    Setup blackout periods

    With Christmas coming, you may need to setup blackout absences or availability. It takes just a few simple steps, learn more here.

    Update to DAY view on schedule page

    Previously you could only use the DAY view for a single department.

    We just updated the schedule page to allow you to pick multiple departments at once.

    Update – Publishing after copying and more

    We’ve updated the COPY SCHEDULE to allow you to quickly publish a schedule after copying it. Just pick the weeks and click PUBLISH

    New schedule features launched

    We’ve launched a few new features to the schedule page:
    1. You can now add manager notes per day by department or your entire company
    2. People vs Shift view – the original view shows all schedules by employee
    But now you can view by SHIFT 

    Get an alert when an employee picks no asset

    We’ve added a new alert when an employee is prompted to take an asset but doesn’t. You can enable this alert in the asset setup.


    Start using TimeWellScheduled today

    TimeWellScheduled is a team management solution for retail businesses. We provide a full suite of team and time tools designed to save you time and improve productivity. 

    Aug 2023

    Aug 2023

    New alerts for missed meal or breaks

    We’ve added new 2 alerts to managers when an employee has missed a scheduled meal or break during a shift.

    July 2023

    Have questions? We have answers. Candidate Sourcing: How to Find and Attract the Right Talent “Sourcing and...

    June 2023

    Have questions? We have answers. Allow employees to view pending/approved absences/availability on the schedule page...