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 Punch Clock

How Do You Want Employees To Punch?

  • From simple code & password to facial recognition
  • Pick the right punch process for each employee
  • Use your existing hardware to reduce costs
Yubikey and Biometrics access

Yubikey and Biometrics

  • Yubikey : A small USB stick that acts as a keyboard and can send a time-variant, secure login code for added security measures.
  • Biometrics: This technology uses an external device to scan a fingerprint and compare to the one on file. Requires a USB port to be accessible, and a small Java program to be installed.


Bar-code/Swipe-card Readers

This technology uses an external bar-code reader or swipe card reader to read a bar-code or magnetic card. Creating bar-codes is BUILT IN (and free) to TimeWellScheduled, so you simply need to print them and attach to an employee card.

Bar-code/Swipe-card Readers
Employee Code & Password

Employee Code & Password

This is the simplest and easiest method to set-up. The employee code usually relates to their payroll number and a secure password.

Facial Recognition


This technology uses a mobile device (iOS or Android) to take a picture when the employee is performing an action and compared to the enrolled employees. If there is no match, the action is not recorded. If there is a match, they can proceed. Note – a small fee applies for this feature.

Facial Recognition

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