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Designed to Make Managing Your Team Easier!

With TimeWellScheduled, your retail scheduling process is greatly simplified, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on more important tasks!

Create work schedules and share with your team in minutes

Track time effortlessly and reduce costs

Improve accountability among your team members and eliminate excuses

Empower your team to improve on their time management

And so much more!

Find Out Why We’re The Best Retail Scheduling Software

Team Building and Accountability

With TimeWellScheduled, you can empower your team to have a hand in managing their time and schedules better. When team members have the tools to manage their availability, submit time-off requests and request shift trades, it in turn nurtures more accountability and responsibility. TimeWellScheduled can help you build a strong and happy team!

Team Communication Tools

Communicating effectively and efficiently with your team regarding scheduled shifts, available shifts and time-off approvals helps reduce employee frustration and reminds them that they are valued team members.

TimeWellScheduled offers many options for notifying your team such as email, SMS, Slack communication as well as through the TimeWellScheduled mobile App for iOS and Android.

Team Management and Coordination

With TimeWellScheduled, you can save valuable time by having all the tools you need to manage your payroll and schedules all in one place. Managing a team can be both challenging and tedious. TimeWellScheduled allows you to take back some of that time to focus on other priorities.


Drag and Drop, Copy, Templates and Shift Swapping

Quickly create and edit your scheduling needs with ease and visual clarity. TimeWellScheduled lets you easily create schedules with time bands, templates and copying past schedules. Share these schedules with your employees and let them offer shifts or trade them with fellow employees. With TimeWellScheduled your employees will gain a sense of control, helping to alleviate the stress in finding people to cover shifts.

TimeWellScheduled Retail Employee Scheduling Software Features

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Easily find employees to schedule based on their competency skillset.This will help you to schedule employees that share common or complementary skillsets, making it easy to ensure you have the coverage you need for every shift.


TimeWellScheduled allows you the option to put both private and public notes on an employee schedule. This allows you to send reminders and updates so that everyone is prepared with the information they need when checking their schedule.

Audit Trail

Easily avoid potential errors and complications with the audit trail log. This allows you to see each and every change that is made to a schedule.


Helps your employees know when they are working with daily and weekly shift alerts. Cutting down on the potential for missed shifts and late arrivals.


Confidently set a budget and compare your costs to prior years. TimeWellScheduled allows you to create your schedules and view the total hours and costs with ease.

How many years have you been in business?

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Shift Swap

Employees can request or accept a shift swap right from their mobile device. Just another way TimeWellScheduled will help to free up valuable time for everyone!

Shift Coverage Confidence

You can rest assured that your shifts will be covered and you will be in the know of any changes that occur along the way.

Quick Shift Adjustment

Life happens and when it does, make quick shift adjustments with ease to help you manage the unexpected.


With TimeWellScheduled, you have a support team available right at your fingertips! You can connect with the support team multiple ways: Online chat, email, tickets and a help resource right on the dashboard.

Shift Scheduling

Effortlessly manage availability and time off requests.Track, modify and process with ease.

Reduce Labor Costs!

TimeWellScheduled has a real-time dashboard that lets you know the status of an employee during their scheduled shift at all times. TimeWellScheduled is cloud-based software that allows you to use any internet-ready device, designated by you, as a log-in station. In addition, we have implemented mobile-based apps for businesses that have employees out in the field and not in a traditional office-based environment. Let TimeWellScheduled do the monitoring for you and make your time count!

Lidership Good Listeners

Save hours and hours of time per week on schedule building!

Make your workplace more efficient and save money!

Empower your team to manage their time and have more accountability!

What Our Valuable Clients Are Saying

“TimeWellScheduled is working awesome and we now only have 2 managers scheduling the whole store.”

Mario Jaramillo

Dealer/Owner, Store #164

“Things are going great! I find the system super easy to use, and haven’t had any problems. It’s definitely making our lives easier!”

Lindsay Ullathorne

Associate Dealer, Store #477

“…it has been quite efficient and reduced the piles of paper on my desk quite drastically!”

Chris Lynch

Senior Store Manager, Store #188 


Special Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations

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Why Scheduling Software Can Help Your Retail Business

Managing Employees Has Never Been Easier!

Save thousands of dollars a year by using the devices you already have for your time and attendance tracking. TimeWellScheduled is the last tool you will ever need because it takes care of everything from scheduling to shift trading and even exporting hours to your payroll/accounting software.


Save Time And Money!

As a manager, you have better things to do than keep track of post-it notes and notepads full of absence requests, shift changes and filling out tedious paperwork each and every day. Let TimeWellScheduled take the pressure off. Our software will automate many of your daily tasks, freeing up your valuable time to focus on more important tasks!


Pricing To Suit Every Organization

Whether you have 3 employees or 300 employees, TimeWellScheduled will not only save you time, but also money. We make it easy. In addition, we offer the following for FREE: Up to 10 employees, punch clock, news board, messaging features and various support options.


Scheduling Features for the Retail Industry


In the fast paced environment of retail, scheduling no longer has to take up so much of your valuable time. Let TimeWellScheduled streamline this process and make it simple and effective.  

TimeWellScheduled has been designed to meet your unique industry needs. We can help to make attendance and staff scheduling easy for various types of workplaces.  

Get the peace of mind you deserve! 

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Eliminate Conflicts

Conflicts in your schedule will be a thing of the past. With easy to view pages and clear notification options, TimeWellScheduled will help your schedules run smoothly with no room for errors or misunderstandings. We understand how busy the day can be in a retail setting and have designed tools to help your days run more productively.


Make Actions Quick and Easy!

With our customizable schedule view options, you can make the information you need both easy to view and locate.With the dashboard, it gives you a quick snapshot so you can get on with your day.  Need to fill an open shift fast? With TimeWellScheduled’s shift alerts you can send out an email or text message to all qualified and available staff.  


Keep Everyone On The Same Page With Up-to-date Information

Schedules that everyone can access any time, from anywhere, help keep your staff up to date and in the know about schedules. This is invaluable for any retail environment. It eliminates the time spent contacting everyone individually to give them shift updates and changes.


Built to Help Your Establishment Grow!

Keep track of the most important things in your store with TimeWellScheduled. You can track requests and view staff feedback and messages. Set up automatic alerts for overtime requests, breaks, shift changes and compliance to help your establishment save both time and money. 


Create and Publish In Minutes

With TimeWellScheduled, you can quickly create and assign shifts to make sure you have the coverage you need and that your establishment is properly staffed. This allows you to spend less time making schedule updates with our easy to use scheduling tools and customizable templates.


Geofencing-Another Way to Hold Employees Accountable

Keeping employees accountable on where they punch in and out, can be time consuming. With our geofencing option, you can ensure your employees are only clocking in and out from specified locations and avoid time theft or “buddy punching.”


Celebrate With Your Team!

Never underestimate the power of a message to an employee on their birthday or congratulating them on an important anniversary. This can help increase retention, morale and the general productivity of your establishment. Right from your easy to view TimeWellScheduled dashboard, you can be sure to keep on top of these important details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a free app for scheduling employees

TimeWellScheduled offers free access to our scheduling software for up to 10 employees. This free version includes the following:

  • Real-time Punchclock
  • Interactive Scheduling
  • Internal Messaging
  • Employee News Board
  • TimeWellScheduled Support
  • User & Administrator Timecards

Learn more about TimeWellScheduled pricing

How do small businesses keep track of employee hours?

Small businesses can keep track of employee hours using TimeWellScheduled time and attendance software. TimeWellScheduled is a cloud-based time and attendance software that automates the time-tracking process for small businesses.

Time tracking with TimeWellScheduled is easy and efficient. Employees can clock in and out from any internet-connected device, and employers can easily generate reports to help them comply with labor laws. Time tracking with TimeWellScheduled also helps small businesses save money by reducing the need for manual payroll processing. Contact us today to learn more about how TimeWellScheduled can help your business track employee hours.

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How do I manage my employee scheduling?

TimeWellScheduled is a time and attendance software that can help you manage your employee scheduling. With TimeWellScheduled, you can easily create and manage employee schedules, view time-off requests, and more.

TimeWellScheduled also offers biometric time clock integration to track employee hours worked using fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. This helps to ensure accurate and up-to-date records of employee hours worked.

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How do I create a retail schedule?

A great way to create a retail schedule is to use TimeWellScheduled time and attendance software. This software makes it easy to create and manage employee schedules, track employee hours, and more. Employees can also use the TimeWellScheduled mobile app to clock in and out of work, check their schedules, and more.

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