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New option to track how many times an employee missed clocking out

In the Time Card Discrepancy Report, you can now report on the number of times an employee does not clock out at the end of shift.

Update to vital signs email

We’ve updated the vital signs email to be colour coded so your team can easily see which values increased (green) and those that decreased (red).

Is Information Overload a Real Problem in the Workplace?

Information overload is a pervasive issue plaguing many companies of all sizes. As the volume of information surpasses our capacity to process it, employees grapple with a barrage of data, including spreadsheets, reports, emails, notifications, and meetings that can muddle decision-making processes and propel stress levels. This article probes into the essence of information overload in the workplace, its impact on employees, and practical solutions for managers to mitigate employee and organizational concern.


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