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    Tim Hortons – Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada


    From Manual to Automated: Revolutionizing Scheduling & Payroll at Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons, a beloved Canadian institution, holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Canadians. Since its humble beginnings in 1964, when the first Tim Hortons restaurant opened in Hamilton, Ontario, Canadians have been flocking to indulge in Tim Hortons’ famous Original Blend coffee, Double-Double coffees, Donuts, and Timbits. 



    Today, Tim Hortons proudly stands as Canada’s largest restaurant chain, serving over 5 million cups of coffee daily. With 80% of Canadians making their way to a Tim Hortons at least once a month, it’s clear that this brand has become an integral part of the Canadian experience. But Tim Hortons is more than just a coffee and bake shop; it is a cherished national symbol.


    Situated at 1000 McGill St, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Paul Burke’s Tim Hortons is a haven for those seeking freshly brewed coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack. In describing his store, Paul explains:


    “We are most proud of our employees. They’re a great group of people who give their best every day. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to make customer service the priority it is.”

    Case Study

    Tim Hortons Store # 1001 Faces Scheduling & Payroll Challenges


    Prior to implementing TimeWellScheduled, Tim Hortons Store in Hawkesbury, Ontario, faced several challenges with their old scheduling and payroll systems:

    Challenge I

    Creating schedules and shift changes was problematic under the old system, as schedules were posted in the common area on a bulletin board, and employees were required to physically check the schedule to stay updated. This manual process made it difficult to keep track of changes leading to miscommunication and confusion.

    Challenge II

    Payroll administration was challenging with the old system as managers had to manually calculate the hours worked by each employee and enter the data into the accounting software. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors. Moreover, manual calculations and data entry increased the risk of inaccuracies in calculating employees’ pay.

    These challenges forced Paul to re-evaluate scheduling and payroll practices—the implementation of TimeWellScheduled aimed to address these issues and improve scheduling reliability and accuracy.

    “We wanted a system where we could have all our information in one place so that managers were not wasting time on unnecessary activities. It’s about having labor cost information available as the schedule is created and seeing it unfold as you go. With TimeWellScheduled, Changes are easier to make. People can have their schedule emailed to them, and we can still post it “on the board.” 


    TimeWellScheduled Solves the Scheduling Issue

    TimeWellScheduled eliminated the need for Excel spreadsheets and the physical posting of schedules in the common area. Instead, schedules are created and accessed digitally, utilizing the TimeWellscheduled app, email or employee portal. These tools allow staff to view their schedules using smartphones, PCs, or other devices. Scheduling changes are now easier to track as TimeWellScheduled provides notifications and communication features for employees and managers.  What’s more, the system streamlines the scheduling process, improves communication, and enhances scheduling accuracy for the store.


    “TimeWellScheduled solved a pile of problems! It saves everyone time, is easy to learn and use; it replaces timecards, and simplifies scheduling. And we can see the absences and requests for time off with the click of a button. It gives us the ability to communicate by email so that schedules, shift swaps, time off requests, and team notifications can all be sent without waiting for someone to return a call.”


    TimeWellScheduled Solves the Payroll Issue

    Under the old system, payroll administration involved manually calculating employees’ time, which was time-consuming and error prone. With TimeWellScheduled, we track employee time and attendance through their logins, reducing the need for manual calculations. In addition, TimeWellScheduled simplifies the old two-step process of tracking employee hours and processing payroll by seamlessly integrating time-tracking data with the payroll system. This automation saves managers time and improves record-keeping and payroll processing accuracy.


    “From a Management viewpoint, it’s easy to see all our locations from one screen. That makes access to and reviewing information faster and, in a business like ours, faster is better.” 

    How was the transition from the old system to TimeWellScheduled?

    Implementing a new system such as TimeWellScheduled often poses challenges for a business like Tim Hortons due to factors such as the need for employee and managerial training to familiarize them with the new technology. 

    “It’s obvious that TimeWellScheduled is designed with managers in mind. It only takes minutes to set up employees and minimal training to create schedules. And, it gets easier as you use it.”

    Additionally, the complexity of migrating existing data, ensuring compatibility with other systems, managing resistance to change, and providing ongoing technical support and maintenance.

    “…new systems are always a challenge, but TimeWellScheduled’s support team is always quick to help solve any issues we have. Their willingness to make the changes we need is always appreciated. For example, with multiple stores, we opted to transition each location one at a time. It allowed us to train the staff who would be using it and ensure all of the information was correct from the start.”  

    Introducing a new system like TimeWellScheduled into a business can often be met with skepticism or resistance by managers and employees, especially if they are uncomfortable with technology. So we asked Paul about the feedback he has received from his team:

    “TimeWellScheduled has been well received by our Management and Administrative staff alike. There have been very few negative comments, and most people appreciate the improvements that come with having information easily accessible. Also, this is a great system for employees. The sign-in and sign-out process is so easy! The hardest thing they have to do is remember their login code. In addition, communication between employees and managers has been improved drastically. Everything from schedules to time-off requests is exchanged with a simple email.”

    Implementing TimeWellScheduled at Tim Hortons Store #1001 in Hawkesbury, Ontario, has proven to be a game-changer. The system has effectively addressed scheduling and payroll challenges, streamlining operations and improving communication. With TimeWellScheduled, managers and employees have embraced a more efficient and accessible way of managing schedules and tracking time. Furthermore, the positive feedback from managers and employees demonstrates that TimeWellScheduled has become an invaluable asset, enhancing productivity and enabling smoother operations.

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