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What is Time and Attendance?

Time and attendance is the area of workforce management that tracks and monitors when an employee starts and stops work.

Time and Attendance Statistics

A time and attendance system like TimeWellScheduled can save you thousands of dollars when you consider the negative financial impact of three key factors: time theft; time spent manually figuring time sheets; and human error in calculations.

 Savings Fact: For a company with 25 employees who are paid an average rate of $10 per hour, total savings add up to about $24,050 a year based on just these three factors.

Time and Attendance Statistics

Importance of Employee Time and Attendance

Employee time and attendance is an integral part of the workplace as it allows for better workforce management. Time and attendance management allows Human Resources to know who is present or absent for their shifts, and is necessary for collecting information for payroll. If an employee is absent for a shift, time and attendance systems let HR staff plan accordingly if a replacement is need. Time and attendance management is needed to avoid any discrepancies in this information.

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