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    3 Off-Site Team Activities That Your Employees Will LOVE!


    Bringing your team together through team-building activities is not only a great choice but a popular one as well. I’m sure most of you reading this have been through some sort of tacky team-building exercise in the past, but there are plenty of amazing ones to be had as well.

    There is no better way to build team chemistry than through some of the activities listed within this article. Well, I suppose that surviving in the wilderness like that show “Naked and Afraid” would be quite efficient, but probably more traumatic than anything else.

    All jokes aside, I’m going to go through 3 off-site team-building activities that you can not only easily book, but also do without any worry of potential injury. Going on camping trips and action-packed hikes can be fun, but some employees don’t want to get into things of that nature.

    Take Part in a Volunteer Day

    Especially useful when the Holidays roll around, volunteering at your local homeless shelter or hospital will help bring morale back into the workspace. People are going to come together more often when they’re helping others, and if you feel like there are some people on your team that could use a “morale boost”, this is a great way to do it.

    Your team members can interact with each other and learn more about what makes them tick, or even just bond over their love of puppies (while volunteering at an animal shelter). There are volunteer opportunities for every walk of life and business, so do a little bit of research and figure out which ones would benefit your team the best.

    Change Your Setting and Pick a New Office for the Day!

    The grind of coming into the same office day after day can be tough for some people, and that’s why spicing things up by transitioning to a new office (even for just one day) can help relieve some of the work-related stress your employees may experience. Not only that, but team members will start to gossip and talk about their new surroundings like they were in high-school again.

    A change of scenery is going to work wonders for your team but think outside of the box. Make reservations at an outdoor restaurant for your next boardroom meeting, or even find rentable workspaces that offer up a stunning view.

    Scavenger Hunts

    Whenever Easter rolls around and the workplace is starting to smell like sweets and chocolate, you’ll want to consider implementing something like a scavenger hunt. We were all kids at one point, and the amount of joy you would find in something as simple as a scavenger hunt is tough to come across as an adult.

    While you may want to consider hiding something other than chocolates, you could always put together a workplace scavenger hunt where you hide the likes of gift cards and other goodies for your team members to find. Not only will people be willing to work together to find the rewards, but they’ll also learn to communicate more efficiently in the process. It’s like team-building without even realizing what you’re doing!

    A Team That Sticks Together, Excels Together

    Companionship and compatibility are two very important traits to think about when you’re trying to make your team better. When you have members that are dedicated to their job but don’t communicate with the rest of the team very well, it’s going to be a hindrance. With these three activities, hopefully, you can get those isolated workers to break out of their shells a little bit more.

    Even for those workers who aren’t shy when it comes to talking, using these activities as a way to learn more about your peers is going to benefit your company as a whole when all is said and done.

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