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    3 Ways to Improve Communication Among Team Members

    Communication is one of the easiest ways to keep your team members in the loop, as well as improve upon productivity. Whenever you can connect with your team and communicate effectively, you can get your point across without any wasted time. This leads to people understanding their role on the team, the goals for the company, and even why they’re going to enjoy clocking in on a daily basis.

    Some managers or business owners believe that the person in charge knows best, and the employees are merely there to act upon their best interests. Successful companies can come in many shapes and sizes, but keeping the lines of communication open with your team is a must at this point in time – it will also help boost your company in more ways than one.

    Keeping Your Team Satisfied

    Your employees are going to keep your business running smoothly all while turning a profit, so you have to treat them as such. After you’ve identified the best ways to approach team communication (emails, remote/real-life meetings, official documents, etc), you can encourage your team to get in on the action as they feel fit.

    By maintaining communication throughout the team, you’re always going to have a plethora of opinions to sort through (which can be both good and bad, depending upon your situation).

    The Importance of Team Communication

    Your team is only going to work as efficiently as they communicate, especially if you work in an industry that relies on team chemistry to get things done. If you run a marketing agency and the team isn’t communicating with each other, the results are going to be lackluster (to say the least).

    It’s more than just getting feedback and seeing how employees feel – team communication is a key component to remaining productivity throughout the year.

    Will My Team Even Care?

    Although it might not seem obvious at first, almost everybody who works at an establishment wants their voice to be heard. Some employees just want to be looked at as a source of faith and inspiration, while others genuinely believe they have ideas that will make the company better. Whatever the situation is, just know that your team is always going to care about the levels of communication they experience with upper management (and even among each other).

    The Tips: 3 Techniques for Better Team Communication

    Give Breaks More Purpose

    Give breaks more purpose by encouraging team interaction or even offering up unique bonding activities (like air hockey or other games). Breaks are often just a way for employees to relax while they’re on the job, which they certainly deserve, but it’s also time that could be used to learn more about your fellow team members.

    By conversing with your fellow employees during breaks, you’ll not only learn more about their way of life, but you can even break down their approach to work as well. Exchanging ideas and even potentially projects from outside of work are best saved for coffee breaks!

    Be Open to Individual Feedback

    Individual feedback allows you to gauge how your team is feeling on an independent level, as opposed to what the majority has to say. When you look at individual feedback you get a much more precise measurement of how you’re managing the team and where they stand morale-wise. This will also give you a chance to identify any potential leaders within the team and apply them to more “dedicated” roles.

    Many managers don’t want to use individual feedback because it’s awkward at times, especially when there is an individual that isn’t happy with their experience. You can’t please everybody as a manager, although that should ultimately be your end goal – just take all of the feedback with a grain of salt and use it to become a better manager in the future.

    Keep the Work Environment Fun!

    Your workers are going to be a direct reflection of their environment most of the time, which is why large corporations like Google and Facebook have the likes of slides and air hockey tables littered throughout the office. It’s somewhat straightforward to introduce a bit of fun into the workspace, as many brands do it through “Casual Friday” or even monthly events to help blow some steam off.

    Regardless of what you end up doing, as long it’s fun and allows your employees to let loose, it’s the perfect solution. Team-building exercises are also something you can consider using, and the perfect example would be an “Escape Room”.

    These are rooms that feature multiple keys and puzzles, all of which are required to be found/solved before you can leave. It’s an amazing way to let your team members interact with one another, learn more about each other, and just develop chemistry all-around.

    Utilize These Tips to Boost Team Communication

    Whether you apply all or just one of these tips, using them to boost team communication is a simple way to approach things. While some companies focus on week-long retreats that have employees questioning their sanity, sometimes your best bet is to keep things simple.

    Improved communication can lead to more control over the budget, increased client satisfaction, and even an overall boost in productivity/product quality! The next time you’re worried about how you can improve your team’s level of communication, think of these three tips and see if they work.

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