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    4 Ways to Properly Recognize the Success of Your Employees


    Letting your employees know that they’re doing a good job is a simple way to boost both moreale and productivity. Any manager that has been in the game for a while understands the importance of employee morale, and how it can seriously impact the success that your staff has in the workplace.

    Whether it’s improper organization, lost revenue, or just a lack of training, there are many ways that a lackluster employee can negatively affect your business. By singling out those who come to work and achieve success, you can make the hardest working employees feel as if it were all worth it.

    Employees who lack motivation or drive will never be the best bet for your business, and that’s why you have to identify truly successful staff members early on. By focusing on them and recognizing your success, you’ll be building them up even more for the future.

    Give Them a Bonus

    When an employee isn’t being properly compensated, it’s going to be quite obvious. They will become less willing to work and put the effort required in, especially when they know that others in the company are making more money. You should always be rewarding your most successful employees with the likes of bonuses and incentives, or even just a general pay raise should the situation call for it.

    Money is always going to make your employees happier, regardless of how much you’re gifting them. The larger the bonus, the happier they’ll be – most business owners will assign bonuses based on performance alone.

    Write a Genuine “Thank You” Note

    Being complimented on both your work ethic and final result are two things that tend to put a smile on the face of employees. Regardless of your industry, whenever a manager is truly happy with your success, it’s going to make you feel “fuzzy” inside. These people are clocking in at work daily and doing the best they can, so you should respect their work ethic as such.

    Managers are often busy dealing with the pressure that comes along with such a role, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a bit of time out of your day to write a little letter. It will go a long way in regards to showing your successful employees that you respect them. Not only that, but word will spread like wildfire and it may even entice other employees to step it up as well!

    Remember Their Work Anniversary

    Most employees would never anticipate their managers remembering when they started at the company, let alone having some sort of celebration. If there’s a team member that is showing plenty of determination (and has achieved success at your company), celebrating their work anniversary is a short (but sweet!) way to show that you care.

    You’re letting them know that they are much more than just another employee, and that you’ve taken into account how successful they’ve been during their tenure. You also have a shot at increasing employee retention rates when you implementation these sorts of celebrations, as employees will feel much more integrated with the company and its ideals.

    Grant Them Access to “Special Projects”

    There are often projects reserved for the best employees on the payroll, and they tend to be ones that are worth quite a bit of money. When you want to know that these projects are being handled properly, it only makes sense to assign your most successful staff members to take care of them. Access to unique and important opportunities will help your employees feel:

    • Wanted in the workplace
    • Respected for all of the hard work they’ve put in
    • Like an integral part of a major team

    Inclusion is a large portion of recognizing the success of your employees, and rewarding them in various ways on top of that is only going to sweeten the deal.

    All in all, recognizing both the importance and success of your employees is critical the natural growth of your business. When workers aren’t willing to put forth an effort to be successful, your business is going to suffer as a result.

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